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The president of the United States is dead—assassinated by a weaponized strain of the Brugada Syndrome, a genetic disease that kills without symptom. Without warning. The infected fall over dead, their healthy hearts stopped. Thankfully, the fast actions of the Secret Service revive the President. But the assassination attempt was just the beginning. The contagious new strain spreads silently across the United States. Within weeks, the human race will be on the brink of extinction.
The coming pandemic thrusts Jack Sigler, call sign King, and his “Chess Team”—Queen, Rook, Bishop and Knight—into a frantic search for the disease’s origin, and hopefully, a vaccine. Accompanying them are Sara Fogg, a CDC disease detective and Somi Syha, an undercover CIA field agent in the remote region the team must infiltrate—Vietnam’s Annamite mountain range.

With biologists routinely discovering large, new mammal species in the Annamites, the region has been called a modern day Noah’s Ark. But to those who live there, the dark jungles and harsh terrain laden with Vietnam War era landmines is regarded as a land of death—where plagues are born and killers reside.

As the Chess Team returns American boots to the Ho Chi Minh trail they find the Death Volunteers—Vietnamese Special Forces—waiting for them. Pursued through the jungle, underground tunnel systems and ancient ruins from a time before human settlement, the team receives a warning from the lone survivor of a slaughtered village. “Nquoi Rung,” the old woman whispers. “Nquoi Rung.”

An ancient evil hunts the team, and while it won’t let them leave the jungle alive, it may just hold the key to saving the human race.

Jeremy Robinson pulls no punches in his second installment of the Chess Team series, combining adrenaline-rush action with smart science, ancient legends and stunning locations.

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Instinct (Chess Team Adventure, #2) by Jeremy Robinson audiobook

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Instinct (Chess Team Adventure, #2) ebook download free

Instinct (Chess Team Adventure, #2) audiobook download free