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Once upon a time… I held her life in my hands. Felt her heartbeat like the wings of a hummingbird; fast and light. I'm not the prince riding on a white horse. I'm the villain wearing black Armani.

Our destiny was always dark even from the very beginning.
Two twisted souls, brought into the world with the stain of sin marking us more than the rest.

We make Romeo and Juliet look like a Disney Film.
Our dark love skates on the edge of insanity.
How far will she go to avenge her family?
How far will I go to bring my twisted Cinderella to her knees?

I've done many things.
Bad things.
Evil things.
Necessary things… but one thing I've never done is fall in love. Love makes a man weak. Love is an enemy. When she made my black heart bleed I knew I had no choice but to go to war.

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Roque (The Salvatore Syndicate #1) by Jax Hart audiobook

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Jax Hart

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Roque (The Salvatore Syndicate #1) ebook download free

Roque (The Salvatore Syndicate #1) audiobook download free