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Marshmallow. Every kid gets a nickname. Marshmallow was mine. And like the squishie confectionary, it stuck. As did the extra pounds that inspired the nickname in the first place.
But that was OK, the plus-size revolution gave me confidence in my curves. I learned to love my body and even show it off for the world to see. #bodypositive was my ticket to Insta-stardom. It was also what attracted him...

Carter Reeves. A model who graced the covers of several of my favorite romance novels. He messaged me with an opportunity. I couldn’t say no. Imagine my surprise when in the middle of a photo shoot, he pressed his lips to my ear and told me he wants to eat my marshmallow.
Of god
Carter Reeves wants me.
He has abs of steel and I have thighs of thunder. Is he serious?

Warning: this quick read contains over-the-top declarations, insta-love and molten hot moments between a curvy girl and a deliciously sinful man who’s even sweeter than the marshmallow he’s after.

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Marshmallow (Sweet Curves #1) by Megan Wade audiobook

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Marshmallow (Sweet Curves #1) ebook download free

Marshmallow (Sweet Curves #1) audiobook download free