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A warrior driven by wrath. A woman willing to sacrifice herself for peace. A destiny neither can escape. Revenge and fated love in Ancient Scotland.

Talor mac Donnel wants revenge. Consumed by hate, he goes into occupied territory seeking vengeance for his slain sister. But Talor’s plan goes awry when, instead of killing the man responsible for his sister’s death, he is taken captive.

Mor is tired of war. Her people have swept across The Winged Isle, leaving carnage behind them. Mor is a warrior, yet all she wants now is to lay down her weapons and live in peace. And when a crazed enemy warrior breaks into their broch and tries to slay her father, she makes a decision that will change everything between their people.

The instant Talor locks gazes with his enemy’s proud daughter, Mor, everything he thought he believed about life and love starts to unravel. Together, they have the chance to bring peace to their war-torn isle—but only if he is able to let go of the past.

Warrior's Wrath is Book #3 in The Pict Wars series set in ancient Isle of Skye, Scotland. Readers who enjoy Diana Gabaldon, Hazel Hunter, and Kathryn Le Veque will love this high-action, emotional Scottish Historical Romance.

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Warrior's Wrath (The Pict Wars, #3) by Jayne Castel audiobook

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Warrior's Wrath (The Pict Wars, #3) ebook download free

Warrior's Wrath (The Pict Wars, #3) audiobook download free