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A Best Friends to Lovers Holiday Romance

Wall Street financial wizard Christopher Winters might be the undisputed ruler of every stock market he plays in on the planet, but behind the ice-cold tough facade and the brainy bravado, he keeps hidden a heart that hasn’t belonged to him in fourteen years and his charming smiles never reach his eyes.
He was lucky to meet his one true love early in life, but there’s a problem: she has never seen him as anything more than her nerdy childhood friend.
Now every year in December he gets to spend an entire week in close quarters with her, since their families are tighter than ever, relaxing in the snowy Aspen by occupying every waking moment obsessing about what he can’t have, avoiding awkward moments all over the place and being constantly scolded by his matchmaking mother about how bad it is of him to insist on being single while they all celebrate Christmas together.
Isn’t that nice?

Hope Snow loves the Season to be Jolly with all her heart. Every year she can’t wait to leave San Francisco and the fancy art dealing world behind to go spend time with her family and the Winters during their traditional 7-days-of-Total-Christmas-holiday in their usual frosty paradise.
The best part is that she gets to see Chris, her dearest friend in the whole world, but, of course, there’s also a worst part and that is being constantly nagged by her mom about finding the one, settling down and having half a ton of babies, as if she needs a yearly-reminder about how broken she must be for being unable to fall in love!

Not this year, though.
She has a plan this time around or better yet: she has a deal in mind and the only thing she needs is for Chris to play along.

And Christopher?
Well, he loves her too much to refuse, but how far can you push a man in love before his control finally snaps?

Dear Reader:

This is a standalone, No-cheating and HEA-guaranteed sensually-sweet holiday novella that features an obsessed OTT Alpha at the end of his twinkling-lights-rope, a sassy but totally clueless curvy heroine who’s been waiting under the mistletoe all her life for her first kiss and plenty of naughty times that would make the baddest of Santas blush.

These two may have no idea of what’s going on in their hearts, but oh boy: when they do catch up, even the snow-capped Aspen gets tropical ho-ho-hot , so you might want to ditch the hot cocoa in favor of some icy beverage while you read this, fair warning!

*Please note that A Holly Jolly Deal is book 12 in the ’A Forever Safe Christmas’ multi-author collection, each one of the stories is set in its own universe so the books can be read in any order and also as standalones.

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A Holly Jolly Deal (A Forever Safe Christmas #12) by Ember Flint audiobook

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A Holly Jolly Deal (A Forever Safe Christmas #12) ebook download free

A Holly Jolly Deal (A Forever Safe Christmas #12) audiobook download free