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An epic story about two lovers separated for centuries.

Do you believe in soulmates?

A shy art historian. A sexy rockstar. A mysterious medieval cross that holds a secret.


Lucy Bianchi has a plan: finish her PhD in art history and land a coveted job at a prestigious Los Angeles museum. Then—maybe—she’ll find time to start dating. Her controlled and predictable world begins to unravel when she chases a runaway dog on the beach and meets a gorgeous stranger.

Justin Hamilton is the charismatic lead singer of the British band Indigo. Years of touring and partying have won him notoriety, and he can have any woman he wants, but who he really wants doesn’t seem to exist.

Until now.

From their first look—their first touch—Justin and Lucy have a connection that defies logic and deepens their desire for each other. When they see the Varangian Cross at a museum exhibit, they’re flooded with inexplicable shared memories that draw them even closer together.


It's only been a week, but Justin is miserable waiting for Lucy to contact him. He's back in London for Indigo's concert series and needs to get his head in the game, but his heart is back in America.

Stuck hiding out at her parents' house in Los Angeles, Lucy is consumed with doubt and regret about her decision to stay behind.

When the Varangian Cross is sold to a private buyer in London, Lucy jumps at the chance to deliver the cross to the new owner and maybe reconnect with Justin.

Lucy arrives in London in time for another roadblock to their relationship: a serious allegation has been made against Justin, and the paparazzi are in overdrive, forcing Justin under cover just to make it through the concert series.

Finally reunited, their passion is renewed. But their nightmares have returned and are feeling more like memories than dreams. It’s time to find out the truth behind their connection.

Note to readers: This book contains scenes which may be triggering to survivors of sexual violence.


On the beautiful Greek island of Santorini, Justin and Lucy consult with Sophia, an elderly woman who is gifted in ways beyond the present and physical. What they learn is helpful but incomplete. The story of their past is hidden deeply within the Varangian Cross, and Sophia must have it to fully understand the connection that Justin and Lucy share. However, the cross is with its new owner in London and far too valuable to be loaned out for such an implausible tale.

Disappointed, they prepare to return to London and confront the challenges from which they fled, resigned to leave the past behind, but the struggles of the past seem determined to revisit them.

Justin and Lucy are meant to be together. They are meant to know their past. The cross is the key to unlocking their story, and the source of their eternal and unbreakable bond.

Join Justin and Lucy as they put together the pieces to uncover their epic love story in Always With You, the trilogy’s poignant and passionate conclusion.

Note to readers: This book contains scenes which may be triggering to survivors of sexual violence.


With the mystery of the medieval cross unraveled, Justin and Lucy are free to live their lives in the present.

Back in LA, the problems of their pasts may be behind them, but the future is not without some challenges.

Justin has sworn they’ll never be apart again, but quickly discovers there’s more to a solo career than sitting in the studio.

Lucy is at the Preston and ready to resume the life and career of her dreams. But she is struggling to find her place with her colleagues—it seems her relationship with Justin hasn’t won her any fans.

So what comes next?

You are cordially invited to join Justin and Lucy as they begin their ever after.

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Indigo: The Complete Series (Books 1-4) by Kate McBrien audiobook

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Indigo: The Complete Series (Books 1-4) ebook download free

Indigo: The Complete Series (Books 1-4) audiobook download free

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