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There are many bizarre and terrible ways to die. Seattle Homicide Detective J.P. Beaumont thought he had seen them all--until he saw this body, its wounds, and the murder weapon: an elegant woman's shoe, its stiletto heel gruesomely caked with blood. The evidence is shocking and unsettling, even for a man who prowls the shadows for a living, for it suggests that savagery is not the exclusive domain of the predatory male. And the scent of a stylish killer is pulling Beaumont into a world of drugs, corruption, and murder to view close-up a cinematic dream at its most nightmarish lethal.

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Taking the Fifth (J.P. Beaumont, #4) by J.A. Jance audiobook

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J.A. Jance

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Taking the Fifth (J.P. Beaumont, #4) ebook download free

Taking the Fifth (J.P. Beaumont, #4) audiobook download free