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From a real-life psychologist turned bestselling author, a chilling domestic thriller with genuine psychological depth and a twist you definitely won’t see coming.

What happens when a psychologist begins to question her own sanity?

Sara runs a private psychology practice for troubled youth in the large, newly inherited house she is refurbishing with her husband, Sigurd. One morning, a voicemail from Sigurd tells Sara he’s arrived at a holiday cabin for a weekend away with the guys. A couple of hours later, Sigurd’s friends call from the cabin asking where he is — according to them, Sigurd never arrived.

Sara is irritated by what she thinks is a practical joke. But as the hours stretch out, Sara’s anger turns to fear, and the large empty house where every room is half-finished starts to feel less like a home and increasingly threatening. She begins to feel that she is being watched. Random items seem to move or disappear when she isn’t looking. And at night Sara wakes to the sound of footsteps in the attic.

As the terrible truth of Sigurd’s disappearance unfolds, Sara begins to question her reality. Can she, an expert in interpreting other people’s emotions and motivations, trust her own thoughts? And where is she safe?

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Terapeuten by Helene Flood audiobook

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