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~Where temptations lie, consequences linger~

Jace & I were friends, family even, before one stupid fight shattered our relationship. That was the precise moment Jason Malone became the root of my heartbreak. I should have known better - we both should have. Yet, my pride had kept him at arm's length for the last three years and it was slowly destroying me. Our bond had always been tumultuous; that was our normality, but our last conflict had cut me deep. Too deep.
Now Jace was back, and he was turning my world upside down all over again.

After three years in the city, I was a changed man when I returned home. And damn, J had changed too. Despite the transformation, her familiar tenacious attitude still existed in spades and I would be a fool to think gaining her forgiveness would be easy - especially after hurting her the way I did. Hell, I would do just about anything to fix what I ruined that night. We were family, and therein lies the problem; unfortunately for me, the new Jocelyn Carmichael was tantalisingly irresistible, and I was officially screwed.

One fight broke us.

Three years didn’t dull the pain.

One night to regret.

A lifetime of consequences.

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Accidentally Entangled by VR Baucke audiobook

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