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If you have followed Catherine Bybee's Weekday Brides series, then you've eagerly awaited "Single by Saturday." As the fourth entry in the series, this contemporary romance follows the same premise while adding new intrigue. The strong protagonist, Karen Jones, has been married to Hollywood superstar Michael Wolfe for a year. A seemingly happy couple to the eyes of the public, their marriage is just a publicity stunt to hide Michael's secret gay lifestyle. Before Karen and her husband can go through with the amicable divorce they planned, her brother-in-law shows up with an ultimatum. Michael's family is demanding to meet his wife, and they are willing to make the trip to Hollywood from Utah if necessary. This review of "Single by Saturday" offers insightful opinions from experts, critics, and readers like you. Learn more about the author and her inspirations while determining if this story will meet your expectations. Zach Gardner, Michael's brother, wins the heart of readers and offers an interesting yet unexpected love interest for Karen. Bybee superbly illustrates her characters with believable strengths and flaws while weaving themes of family throughout the plot in "Single by Saturday." Gain more from this uplifting romance as you read this review alongside "Single by Saturday" for character revelations and alternative concepts you never considered.

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Single by Saturday: By Catherine Bybee -- Review audiobook download free