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Greg Donahue is the author of books: The Minuteman, How to Restore Your Muscle Car, A Tail Of Humanity, Ring of Fire (Ring of Fire Anthology, #1), Blueshirt Bulletin

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In the early 1930’s, pro-Nazi groups began popping up across the US in an attempt to drum up support among recent immigrants for the fascist movement developing back home. With a large German population, Newark, New Jersey became a hotbed for this kind of Nazi recruitment, with pro-fascist groups like the German-American Bund staging parades, screening anti-Semitic films, and organizing boycotts of Jewish business and politicians through the city. But at the time, Newark was also the epicenter of the Jewish mob and Abner ‘Longie’ Zwillman, known as the “Al Capone of New Jersey,” who had made a fortune in gambling, bootlegging and racketeering and controlled the city’s ports and police force, helped organize a group of ex-boxers, factory workers and students to defend the city’s Jewish interests. The group dubbed themselves ‘The Minutemen’ - ready at a moment’s notice - and took to breaking up Nazi gatherings using a combination of stink bombs, baseball bats, lead pipes and brass knuckles.

Greg Donahue’s The Minuteman, tells the story of one of Newark’s native sons; ex-prizefighter and longtime Zwillman enforcer Sidney Abramowitz, a.k.a. Nat Arno, who took over leadership of the Minutemen in 1934 and made it his personal business to put an end to what he saw as the Bund’s “anti-American” activities. For six years, Arno and his crew of vigilantes battled Newark’s Nazis at every turn. The Minuteman is a story of the ethics of violence in the face of fascism; a forgotten legacy that is as relevant now as it was nearly a hundred years ago.

Photos included in cover art courtesy of the Jewish Historical Society of NJ - Warren Grover Collection.
This second edition is bigger and better with new color photography and updated information about new materials, parts sources and restoration techniques. This massive book includes over 1,300 photos that offer detailed step-by-step coverage of restoration processes. By thoroughly presenting the restoration of 12 of the most coveted muscle cars of all time, the authors cover virtually every aspect of restoration, from disassembly to first drive. Cars featured here include: 1968 Yenko Camaro; 1966 Pontiac GTO; 1969 Dodge Charger 500; 1963 1/2 Ford 427 Galaxie 500 Hatchback; 1973 Pontiac Super Duty Trans Am; 1966 L79 Chevy Nova SS; and a 1966 Dodge Coronet Hemi. 2nd Edition
The battle between democracy and tyranny is joined, and the American Revolution has begun over a century ahead of schedule. A cosmic accident has shifted a modern West Virginia town back through time and space to land it and its twentieth century technology in Germany in the middle of the Thirty Years War. History must take a new course as American freedom and democracy battle against the squabbling despots of seventeenth-century Europe. Continuing the story begun in the hit novels 1632 and 1633, the New York Times best-selling creator of Honor Harrington, David Weber, the best-selling fantasy star Mercedes Lackey, best-selling SF and fantasy author Jane Lindskold, space adventure author K. D. Wentworth, Dave Freer, co-author of the hit novels Rats, Bats & Vats and Pyramid Scheme (both Baen), and Eric Flint himself combine their considerable talents in a shared-universe volume that will be a "must-have" for every reader of 1632 and 1633.