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Aubrey Wright - book author

Aubrey Wright is the author of books: Ex's Best Friend, Baby's Daddy, Best Man with Benefits, Hate You Less, Boss's Baby: A Fake Fiance Romance, Damaged, Boss with Benefits, It's Complicated, Doctor's Baby: An Enemies to Lovers Romance, I'll Protect You

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Mr. Tall, Dark, and Cocky is my baby's daddy. He's finally back after all these years. He just doesn't know he has a daughter.

He didn't know I was pregnant when he left our small town. Neither did I.
But it doesn't change the fact that he's a prick. A 6'5" rock-hard prick with soul-piercing eyes.
And a stare that says, "I take what the f*ck I want."

My heart is more guarded than Fort Knox. I was prepared to tell him to shove those sexy eyes where the sun doesn't shine.
Until I saw him talking to our daughter. His giant hands holding her small ones.
The way he smiled at her like only a father could.

My heart is broken, but there's room for him in it. Maybe he'll stay once he knows the truth?
Maybe he will love both of us...
The prick left without saying a word.
Took my virginity and broke my heart in one fell swoop.
Now we're reunited, and stuck in a damn blizzard.

He was my best friend's older brother.
The hot jock every girl wanted.
But that doesn't excuse his douchebaggery.

He better keep that charming smile to himself.
You know the smile.
The one that makes panties melt into thin air.
My mission: Make it through my bestie's wedding with my panties still intact.

I still hate him.
And love him.
What do they call that? Oh yeah.
She was broken and beautiful – and left for dead.
I found her in my father's burning-down house.
Her memory was gone. My parents were missing.
Then it hit me.
This must be my new stepsister.

They say a person can't control their feelings.
Well, I'm way beyond feelings with her.
I'm balls deep in straight obsession.

A desire to possess and protect her all at the same time.
I was doing an OK job at controlling my thoughts.
Until she walked in on me doing something... private.
Her name fresh on my lips.

I should have felt guilty.
But there's no stopping what we both wanted.
Both needed.

This off-limits romantic suspense offers one hell of a happily ever after and a surprise ending guaranteed to leave you breathless.
New apartment, new job, and a smoking hot piece of man candy living next door.
Rock-hard abs and a chest of steel...
Only thing missing is his cape.
Best life ever!
Until I find out he's my damn boss.

Why god, WHY?
Couldn't I have figured out he was my boss before our Netflix and chill?

I try to break it off.
Dieting would be easier than staying away from Hotty McHotterson.
That demanding stare.
That panty-wetting smile.
I was screwed the moment he said, "Hey neighbor."

The company has a strict policy against dating your boss.
But what's the first thing you do when someone says, "Don't touch"?

Yeah, exactly...