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Patrick F. McManus - book author

Patrick F. McManus is an American outdoor humor writer. A humor columnist for Outdoor Life and other magazines, his columns have been collected in several books.

* Sheriff Bo Tully

Patrick F. McManus is the author of books: They Shoot Canoes, Don't They?, A Fine and Pleasant Misery, Never Sniff A Gift Fish, The Grasshopper Trap, The Night the Bear Ate Goombaw, Real Ponies Don't Go Oink!, Rubber Legs and White Tail-Hairs, The Good Samaritan Strikes Again, How I Got This Way, The Bear in the Attic

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McManus celebrates the hidden pleasures, unappreciated lore, and opportunities for disaster to be found in such outdoor recreations as camping, hunting, and fishing
A Fine and Pleasant Misery

More witty cautionary tales of outdoor life, by everybody's favorite expert on the subject, Patrick F. McManus.
an alternate cover edition can be found here

More humerous observations and insights into the agonies and ecstacies of hunting, fishing, and camping by the author of They Shoot Canoes, Don't They?and other celebrations of life in the wild.
The bestselling author of They Shoot Canoes, Don't They? is at it again with more of his zany spoofs of The Great Outdoors.
America’s “most gifted outdoor humorist” (Detroit Free Press) regales readers with this collection of gut-busting, man vs. nature tales originally published in such magazines as Field & Stream and Outdoor Living.

Patrick F. McManus’s hilarious and comic stories of camping and other nature-oriented activities reach ridiculous proportions in The Night the Bear Ate Goombaw. From teaching his stepfather the methods of madness behind farm work through his best friend’s grandmother’s fear of bears, McManus reveals that human behavior is even wilder than the wilderness.
Best-selling outdoor humorist McManus ( The Night the Bear Ate Goombaw) bags another in this collection of yarns featuring irascible woodsman Rancid Crabtree, "Phantom of the Woods" Retch Sweeney, boyhood pal Crazy Eddie, and others of McManus's acquaintance. Also meet hunting dog Strange, dog delinquent, whose prey of choice is year-old roadkill. Readers of McManus's humor column in Outdoor Life will enjoy his observations on the joys of pig-back riding, workshop puttering, and Sasquatch ducking. So will those who, like McManus's wife Bun, appreciate nature most from the window of a seven-story luxury hotel.

Controlling My Life
Strange Meets Matilda Jean
Tough Guys Don't Bird
A Good Deed Goes Wrong
The Fishing Box
Social Skills
The Clown
A Good Night's Sleep
A Brief History of Giving (1942-89)
Pouring My Own
Teenagers From Hell
Secret Places
Search and - Uh - Rescue
The Bust
Real Ponies Don't Go Oink!
Blood Sausage
Crash Dive!
My Abduction by Creatures From Space, for What It's Worth
Phantom of the Woods
The Piano Lesson
Zumbo and the Misty Mountain Ghosts
The Road Hunter
Why Is It?
The Late Great Fourth
Camping In
an alternate cover edition can be found here

America's favorite outdoor humorist is back with an outrageously fresh collection of stories. He introduces a variety of friends old and new, and takes readers to many exotic locales outdoors and indoors.
More witty cautionary tales of outdoor life, by everybody's favorite expert on the subject, Patrick F. McManus.
Patrick McManus, the bestselling author of such hilarious books as A Fine and Pleasant Misery and Never Sniff a Gift Fish, now offers readers solid thoughts on the qualities that define leadership, beginning with the need to be tall, and much more, in this outrageous collection of short pieces that reveals his tortuous trip along the writer's path.
The beloved humorist and bestselling author returns with his most riotous collection of essays to date

Starting with his trademark outdoorsman's wit, Patrick F. McManus's newest collection ponders the strange allure of the RV, the existential implications of being lost, the baffling tendency of animals to outsmart those who wish to hunt them, and the singular pleasure of doubling the size of every fish one doesn't actually catch.

Combining the curmudgeonly voice of Dave Barry and the innocent tone of Garrison Keillor, McManus brilliantly captures the everyday absurdities that comprise our existence. Alongside his humor, McManus's inimitable vision consistently evokes a childlike wonder at the natural world. Even if we are running low on food, the compass is broken, and we are fairly certain we have just spotted a family of Sasquatches frolicking in the treetops, The Bear in the Attic makes the outdoors seem wildly irresistible.