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Kay Marie is a Kansas City native who writes romantic suspense. She works full time, is a wife and dog mom. For her, writing started out as a hobby. With a some encouragement from her husband and some close friends, it became more than just a hobby. When the voices in her head aren't consuming most of her time, she loves to read and go on adventures with her husband.

Kay Marie is the author of books: Pedal to the Metal (Savage Menaces MC, #1), Hit and Run (Savage Menaces MC, #3), Joyride (Savage Menaces MC, #4), Ride or Die (Savage Menaces MC, #2), Accelerate (Savage Menaces MC, #1-3)

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The moment I laid eyes on her in that run-down diner, I had no idea who she was. All I knew was she was sexy as sin and the next star in my wet dreams.

Turned out that rockin’ body and sly smile belonged to none other than Minx— Savage Menaces MC princess... and my club President’s daughter.

The club has always come first for me, and settling down was never part of my plan. But this chick makes me want things I’ve never even dreamed of before.

Too bad the club life might destroy everything I saw possible between us.

One night stands are kind of my thing. Hit it and run because I have no desire to get tied down to a woman. Honestly, I have no desire to see the women I get in bed more than once. We can pass on the cuddling, coffee dates, and telling each other all our hopes and dreams. I'm just not that guy.

At least, I wasn't until a beauty, unlike anything I've ever seen, ambushed my life by walking into the bar one night. I did with her exactly what I always do— we didn't even bother to exchange names. Too bad she's all I think about and for once, I'd give just about anything to run into her again.

My wish comes true, but also with a realization that might make my life a little more difficult. Turns out her name is Sienna . . . and she's my sister's best friend.

While she's fighting every connection we have, I'm addicted and will do anything to win her over.

Turns out I may not get the chance because the Cartel has a score to settle and they're going to use Sienna against me. No one messes with my girl, though . . . I just have to get her back before it's too late.
Wren is the one woman I shouldn’t have feelings for, but I’ve been in love with her since I met her.
Months have past, but when I see her in New Orleans I can sense she's running from something. I know it isn't my responsibility but it feels like I need to help her. Even more than that, it's the perfect opportunity to right my wrongs. Only, I get more than I could've bargained for.
What I never imagined was for her to run again. This time straight into the clutches of her sadistic ex, putting her life in more danger than before. I only hope we can get to her before it’s too late.

I've known Cali my whole life-- and I've wanted her for just as long.

As head of the Savage Riders, there are a lot of perks that come with being linked with the Savage Menaces MC. Family, money, sex, whatever we want... but Cali is still the only thing I can picture on my arm and in my bed.

Until the cartel shows up and a car accident changes everything.

Will I get to make her mine in every way? Or will this life scare her away?

I’ll do everything I can to show her the club life isn’t all bad and that we belong together.
When you find the one who makes your heart accelerate, you hold on and never let them go.
Take a ride with the brute men of the Savage Menaces MC & Riders.

This box set contains the first three books in the Savage Menaces MC series.

Book 1: Pedal to the Metal
Book 2: Ride or Die
Book 3: Hit and Run