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M.J. Hardy - book author

Pseudonym for author S.J. Crabb.

Librarian's note: There is more than one author in the Goodreads database with this name.

M.J. Hardy is the author of books: The Girl on Gander Green Lane, The Husband Thief, The Woman Who Destroyed Christmas, Living the Dream

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How well do you really know your husband?
When Tom Mahoney was mugged on his way home from work, they thought it was the worst thing that could happen.
They were wrong.
When Tina & Harry Carpenter found out they couldn’t have more children, they thought that was the worst thing that could happen.
They were wrong.
When the new teacher Isabel Rawlins arrives, she brings with her a secret that's about to blow their respectable worlds apart.

Five lives all intertwined and heading on a collision course.
Will their marriages survive, or is one or more couple about to find out there’s a husband thief in their midst?

Remember, if you have trust you can conquer anything. When trust goes, madness sets in.
This tale comes with a twist that it’s doubtful you will see coming.
*** M.J. Hardy is an exciting new voice in the psychological thriller genre ***
Have you ever wondered what it’s like to have it all?
Four couples live a charmed life behind the security gates of an exclusive development. To everyone else, they have a dream life. Beautiful homes, designer clothes and more money than sense.
Behind closed doors, the story is very different.
Beauty is skin deep and when you scratch the surface the blood runs cold. Betrayal, dishonesty and lies are about to blow their worlds apart and not everyone will survive.
Who is telling the truth and who is hiding a secret they would do anything to protect?
Money doesn’t buy happiness; it buys a more expensive kind of trouble.
When your friends are your enemies in disguise, expect things to get ugly.