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Audrey Rush - book author

Audrey Rush is the author of books: Yield to Me (Dreams of Glass #1), The Last One Standing, Bunking Up: A Fake Marriage Romance, Surrender to Me (Dreams of Glass #2), A Taste After Dark (We Are the Others Book 1), Love Me (Dreams of Glass #3), Bright Lights & Dark Desires (Traveling Tryst Miniseries #1)

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The only thing I ever wanted was to prove my father wrong by achieving my dreams—not by becoming a doctor like he was, but by becoming a successful artist, like my mother wanted to be. Even if I have to take care of my wine drenched mother, ace classes at the Foundation, mingle at gallery openings, and serve late night lattes on the Broadway Strip, all while working on my art—one way or another, I will be a successful sculptor. And I’ll do it by myself.
But then I met Owen Lowell, the irritatingly smart, charismatic, most wanted bachelor in San Francisco with a shady past. Not only is he a millionaire businessman—not my type—but he insists on helping me, as if I need his help. I kept declining his assistance and erotic invitations until he showed me a side of the city I had never seen before, deeply violent and sadistic facets that sparked my muse. His desire to manipulate me, to use my deepest fears against me, to find things I didn’t know about myself, became hard to resist. And then I looked into his dark green eyes and knew he saw everything inside of me.
I told myself that as long as we were never romantic, he would never hurt me.
As long as we kept to the rules.
As long as he didn’t get in the way of my dreams.

Executive Chef Mallory Holloway has better things to do than to cover for a cocky bad boy in Las Vegas. 

Using her as a decoy to avoid his petty drama? Get real. (He says he’d rather eat dirt? Prove it.)

But she can't deny that he's arrestingly handsome...those whiskey-colored eyes...his body-builder muscles…and enough tattoos to make her wonder if he’s tattooed down there...

...and he’s arrogant as hell.

She’s too controlling, too much of a perfectionist to go for an alpha-hole like him. 

Besides, she's in Las Vegas to achieve her dream: to win the competitive cooking show, The Last Chef Standing, and prove to her rich parents once and for all that she belongs in the kitchen, that her passion for food is real.

But then the final competitor for Season 11 walks into the television show’s orientation.

And it's him.

Greg Miller. The reformed felon with a failing restaurant. The underdog worth rooting for. The audience favorite.

The judges are disgusted by him, the producers love him, but Mallory?

Mallory despises him.

Who knew her fiercest competition would be her worst enemy?

They say what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, even for locals and TV show stars… Right?

But her worst nightmare? 

Falling for him. 

The Last One Standing is a full-length steamy enemies-to-lovers standalone contemporary romance set during the holiday season. It has no cheating, no cliffhangers, but ends with a happily ever after guaranteed! 

I ran away to Southern California, only to find out I had to move back to San Francisco. My full-ride scholarship is on the line because a fling-turned-rival is trying to sabotage me, using my past with Owen Lowell, a benefactor for the Foundation for the Arts, against me. But I won’t let this get in my way. This scholarship is an honor and the Foundation for the Arts is my dream school. I’ve worked harder than anyone to get where I am; even if I have obstacles piling up in front of me, nothing can stop me now.

But the Foundation wants me to cease contact with Owen Lowell. He’d be easy to forget if it weren’t for the fact that he inspires me; he’s shown me so much more than art. He’s shown me what I’m capable of, of what the body and mind can endure, of what it means to see light in the darkness, to feel pain and pleasure in the same moment. I want to believe that I can retain my scholarship and we can be friends.

Friends who talk.

Friends who use each other.

Friends who keep secrets.

When everyone else seems to think your life is perfect from the outside, is when you know it’s collapsing on the inside. Even though I moved to the East Coast with Owen, giving us a fresh start, and somehow landed a new job working in a gallery and an upcoming exhibition in Lower East Side, her texts nag at me. A stranger’s texts.

He almost strangled me to death.

I don't want anything to happen to you.

This woman claims that Owen is dangerous—as in, attempted murder, dangerous. Her chilling proof makes me question my own judgment, even when Owen is the only man I’ve ever truly trusted.

And if it couldn’t get any worse, I’m pregnant. The creation of art is something I know—molding, twisting and breaking, running my hands along each piece of material until it’s just right—but the creation of a human being? It’s an act I’ll have little control over. Owen says he’ll protect me with everything he has, but can he do the same for a child? His child? Can I trust him not to leave us for his career, like my father left my mother? And how do Owen’s dark needs fit into parenthood?

I know I have to protect this child, even if it means sacrificing our relationship, and that includes the stranger’s warning.

On the outside, everything is perfect.

On the inside, everything is shattered glass.

This is the final book in the Dreams of Glass series. It has a HEA ending.

After a long dry spell, Mila took her best friend's advice and signed up for online dating, but Mila never expected to make a connection with Parker, a mysterious billionaire who changed time zones almost as frequently as Mila worked the swing shift at the bar downtown. Parker wants Mila to travel abroad with him, to ravish her in places she's only dreamed of, and yet Mila is afraid. Only twenty-three years old and with a new position at an up-and-coming bar on Fremont Street, Mila's best interests are to stay put, see where her job takes her, and to guard her heart from sexy predators like Parker. And even still, Mila is an open book to Parker; he instinctively knows so much about her deepest, darkest desires, despite how hard she tries to keep her distance from him emotionally. Even with this knowledge, Parker keeps his own life secret. Why won't he tell her what he does for a living? How can he make her shudder with a few simple words? Was he enchanting, or a con artist? Could Mila really trust him?

So they made a deal: one night only.

Unless Mila agrees to go with Parker to London.

This miniseries is made of connected short stories meant to be enjoyed on-the-go before heading back to that work meeting or to pick up the kids from school.