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Jolie Vines - book author

JOLIE VINES is a romance novelist who lives in the South West of England with her husband and toddler son.

From an early age, Jolie lived in a fantasy world and is never happier than when plot dreaming. Jolie loves her heroes to be one-woman guys. Whether they are a huge Highlander, a touch starved earl, or a brooding pilot, they will adore their loved one until the end of time.

Her favourite pastime is wrecking emotions then making up for it by giving her characters deep and meaningful happy ever afters.

Want to contact Jolie? Drop her a line at jolie [at], or find her on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. She loves hearing from her readers.

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Jolie Vines is the author of books: Storm the Castle (Marry the Scot, #1), Love Most, Say Least (Marry the Scot, #2), Hero (Marry the Scot, #3), Race You, Hard Nox (Wild Scots, #1), Oh Baby (Marry the Scot, #5), Picture This (Marry the Scot, #4), Perfect Storm (Wild Scots, #2), Fight For Us: a Second-Chance Military Romantic Suspense, The Rival (Marry the Scot, #0.5)

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"Come, lass. Get on a plane with me."

After a business deal goes awry, Laird Callum McRae is in over his head, struggling to keep his castle afloat. He knows exactly what he has to do to save his family of brothers. Collecting a debt from the corrupt man who swindled him is his only mission. But when he meets a compassionate and determined woman, his plans change.

Now, he needs to get the girl while confronting her father...

Mathilda Storm will do anything for her sister--even if it means entering into a contract for a loveless marriage. After all, it will solve her family's problems. But she doesn't count on meeting a broad-shouldered, rugged Scottish laird. And resisting him is harder than she imagined. As the chemistry between Callum and Mathilda ignites, Mathilda is torn between her desire and her need to help her family. Can the practical daughter marry the Scot without losing her heart along the way?
The boy who has everything meets the girl who has nothing...when she nearly runs him over.

James Fitzroy's life could be called charmed. With an ancient name and a sprawling country estate, only an arranged marriage stands between him and his billionaire inheritance. But appearances are rarely what they seem. Traumatised after a tragic accident, speaking doesn’t come easily to James, and he cares little for anything, including who he weds.

Until the screech of brakes awakens him to all he can’t have.

Beth Grace might be descended from criminals, but she'd never follow in their footsteps. Apart from the one time she did. Now, even an invitation to go driving in Scotland with the world's most handsome man can't derail her from her plan to pay her dues. Besides, despite the startling chemistry, women like her don’t get to date earls. She couldn’t be further from what he needs.

Two broken souls can make a whole. There’s just the matter of a wedding in the way.

Love Most, Say Least is the second in the hugely popular Marry the Scot contemporary romance series. If you adore a sweet hero, big houses, and glorious scenery, start the series now.

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Her life was just getting started, while his was falling apart.

Ella has finally broken out of her gilded cage, but with her limited life experience, she doesn’t trust her instincts. Especially when it comes to the handsome Scottish pilot who plucked her from the jaws of danger. No way is she going to stumble upon Mr Perfect right away.

Gordain's military career is in freefall after a night he doesn't remember. His burning need for his best friend's younger sister is surely a knee-jerk reaction to his problems. He should walk away, yet he cannot say no to the lass.

When her evil uncle seeks to destroy Ella's happiness, a wedding is the only way to save her inheritance. Gordain is the only man she’d consider asking. But can he fake-marry someone he truly loves?

The third instalment in the Marry the Scot contemporary romance series takes you away to big love in the splendour of the Scottish Highlands. You'll adore this modern-day hot Scot and his delicate and determined musician.

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Emma is fighting for her dream job … she has no idea she could win her dream man.
In a competition for the position of a lifetime, Emma knows she can’t beat her office enemy on skill alone. After Arnie sabotaged her first day, the boss has avoided her like the plague. Everyone loves Arnie, even though he’s the most annoying, lazy, hot, jerk she’s ever had the misfortune to work with. And dream about.
Arnie thinks only one thing when he looks at Emma—more. But with his self-imposed exile in London almost complete, he should be packing to return to the family business in Italy. His days working alongside his secret crush are numbered.
Forced to collaborate, Emma resists the chemistry between her and Arnie. If she gets too close, she may as well hand him the promotion, yet turning her back on the boss's favourite will destroy her chances. And leave her unemployed.
Only one of them wants to win. Both are risking more than their careers.
He's a brawler, she's a speed racer. Together, they're explosive.
Heir to the McRae estate, Lennox is the huge Highlander everyone respects. But deep down, he's a dirty fighter. He crashed my car, stole my first kiss, then walked away with another woman.
There’s no reason why, years later, when I see him in a fight, I should be lusting after his body. They call him Hard Nox, but I know him, and damned if he's getting an easy ride back into my life.
Isobel is a menace. She races cars and has tattoos in places I can't even imagine. I shouldn’t want her. But I can't forget the one kiss we shared as teenagers. Fresh out of the military, I have one thing in my sights – her.
Isobel Fitzroy is my best friend's sister, and I'm going to tame her wild heart.
From the author of the Marry the Scot series comes a brand-new generation. Wild Scots brings you everything you love about Scottish heroes and contemporary romance but sexier, faster, and supercharged.
Speed away with this series today.
A mind-blowing kiss, a phone call he never thought he wanted... Ally is about to fall in love. Twice.

Ally gets by on his looks. Avoiding responsibility and not tackling his dyslexia is second nature to him, but there’s one rule he’s stuck by: ignoring Scarlet Storm. Until a chance encounter in a hotel leads to an unstoppable kiss. Then shocking news turns his life upside down: A tiny newborn needs him.

Scarlet knows what she wants. She has long lusted after her teenage crush—her beautiful brother-in-law. When their passionate encounter is interrupted by news of a child he has fathered, all hopes of a hookup go out the window. Maybe it’s for the best, as she's poised to take her career overseas.

Claiming the child and becoming a worthy father will take everything Ally's got, but he won't stop there. He wants Scarlet too. Yet a split-second decision will endanger his life, and the two people he loves the most could be lost to him forever.

This steamy and heart-warming standalone story is the fifth and final novel in the hugely popular Marry the Scot series. Read how the youngest McRae brother gets his happily ever after.
The only man she loves is the one she can’t have.
Taylor has lived with threats and blackmail her entire life. Either she behaves like the perfect, dutiful daughter, or gives up her most desperate wish. With her father’s election on the horizon, the pressure is on to appear as the all-American family, including her marrying the son of the next president. Her final month of freedom could be her last chance of happiness.

Wasp has worked hard, building his name as a photographer, but he’s never forgotten the woman who first stole his heart. At a red-carpet photo shoot, his heart races when he sees Taylor. No way does he expect her to be naked in his room within the hour.

One hot kiss leads to an indecent proposal and a cross-European bucket list tour. But Wasp is no longer the boy Taylor once knew. The clock might be ticking, but her hot Scot has his own plans. Even if he has to choose between love and his career.

The heat between them is enough to set the world alight, or burn everything they care about.
A one-night stand produces more than just the big O.
All my life, I tried to be perfect. But boy did I make a mistake. An unexpected wild night of passion made an indelible memory. And a positive pregnancy test.
My tall, dark, and handsome bedmate and I agreed to one night only. I’m about to track him down with a big surprise.
Skye’s hero
My life is filled with endless responsibilities, but memories of my time with Skye keep me warm at night. Despite our undeniable spark, her new life overseas made it a one-time-only deal, so when the gorgeous dress designer turns up again on my doorstep without her happy smile, I know something is wrong.
Skye Storm McRae might think she can do this alone, but I want her and my baby too.
The second standalone in the Wild Scots series takes you from the stunning scenery of Scotland to the busy city of Manhattan. Perfect Storm involves a steamy hot one-night stand, a surprise pregnancy, a dedicated alpha-male hero who’ll stop at nothing to get his girl, and a heroine with big plans of her own.
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Of the two people Kit loves, one is behind bars and the other on a suicide mission. She needs to save them both.

Sharpshooter Kit never planned on joining the military, but her mom’s expensive medical care leaves her no choice but to sign up. Not that it matters. Her dream of a future with her childhood sweetheart is long over, and she’s on her own.

Until years later when she receives orders to save his life.

Green Beret Nate has Kit’s name tattooed across his skin and his soul. When he sees her face in a God-forsaken hellhole, he knows she’s walking into a trap, but damn if he can let her. Even if rescuing her destroys his best chance to avenge his murdered father.

When Nate is sent back to the US before he can carry out his self-ordered mission, Kit has no illusions. He isn’t planning on staying. Helping him return becomes her priority, though it means risking her career and her heart.

But love burns brighter than vengeance, and saying goodbye for good will be far harder this time around.


Fight For Us is a standalone steamy second-chance romantic suspense featuring one trigger-happy heroine and a warrior hero. The story centers on a childhood romance, intrigue, and betrayal, but naturally, it ends with a HEA.
Resigned to marry a man she despises in order to save her family's farm, Marianne McKenzie can't let one point lie. If she's going to lose her virginity anytime soon, it'll be on her terms. But when she propositions a stranger, she can't predict that the sweet, generous, super sexy man will turn out to be her betrothed's relative.

And fierce rival.

Lachlan McRae will one day be chief of his clan, but right now, he's happy to rest on his laurels. Until he encounters a fiery lass who won't take no for an answer. Then loses her on the same day. The worst of all? It's to his black-hearted cousin. No way can he be beaten by the man. Especially in love.

Let the Highland Games begin.