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VR Baucke - book author

Home grown Kiwi girl, VR Baucke writes contemporary romance and romantic suspense from the bottom of the world.
She loves a good laugh, a damn strong cup of tea and Thursdays.

VR Baucke is the author of books: Ride For Me (The North Shore Crew, #1), Fight For Me (The North Shore Crew, #4), Lie For Me (The North Shore Crew, #3), Break For Me (The North Shore Crew, #2), SLADE (The Hades Horsemen Series Book 1), Living for Today (Seven Thousand Miles Duet, Book 1), Dreaming of Tomorrow (Seven Thousand Miles Duet, Book 2), Accidentally Entangled, Stay For Me (The North Shore Crew #5), The Dirty Dozen: MC Edition

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-A second chance romantic suspense-

Lil & Gage.
Sunshine & Batman.
Vivacious, wild and full of life.
Dark, broody and misunderstood.
Opposites in every way.
Together, they are the imperfect love story.

Tragedy in Gage’s past tore his world apart. Three years of living in a constant state of desolation has left Gage a shell of the man he used to be. He’s content to be numb, never wanting to feel - to hurt - ever again.
After moving to a new city in a last ditch effort to turn his battered life around, Gage finds himself out of his depth when he meets his cousin’s group of friends. One in particular stirs forgotten feelings that Gage is desperate to keep suppressed. Lil.
Their connection is unexpected, unstoppable, and surpasses everything Lil’s ever felt before. However, she’s learned the hard way that men aren’t always what they seem, and Gage is no exception to the rule. He burns hot one minute then runs ice cold the next.
Lightning doesn’t strike twice, or so Gage believed. Not when it came to loving hard then losing his entire world in a missed heartbeat. Once torn and resentful for what Lil makes him feel, Gage is now determined to stop pain-laced history repeating.
But will he be too late?
A military romance - Book 4 of the North Shore Crew series - 12 May 2020!

Brooklyn & Nico.
Queen Bee & Packman.
Gutsy, determined and reckless.
Observant, charming, and lethal.
Together, they fight for what they've lost, and everything they are yet to find.

Her brother warned her off Army boys, yet the moment Nico walked into the salon, Brooklyn was blindsided by their undeniable chemistry. Powerful and bold, charged and explosive.
Despite falling hard and fast, Nico desperately tried to push away the woman he loved in order to protect her from a heart shattering prophecy.
Brooklyn didn't believe the ill-fated prediction and vowed to wait as long as it took for Neek to come back to her; she knew in her soul that he would. Only, she couldn’t anticipate what the destruction of war could do to a man.
Traumatised. Haunted. Fragmented beyond repair. A trail of destruction was left after a deployment went horribly wrong, and it threatened to tear Brooklyn apart.
As truths become exposed and guilt claws at the last threads of sanity, can Brooklyn set free the man that is gone forever?
Trav's book - coming 7th November

Dylan & Travis.
Goat & Freak.
Bold, headstrong, and a chameleon hiding in plain sight.
Charismatic, cocky, and single to mingle.
Together, they fall hard for the person behind the mask.

The day Dylan Jackson showed up out of the blue was the day Travis O'Brian became a ruined man.
She's a hot piece of woman who's easy to get a rise out of, and Trav’s innuendo-laced goading has Dylan uncharacteristically flustered.
Regardless of how irresistible Travis is, Dylan can't allow herself to succumb to his flirtatious antics and boyish charm; she's on borrowed time, and falling for him would cost her dearly.
Her heart and mind are continually at war; by day, aching for normality, then by night, shattering from the haunting screams she can’t escape from.
Just when Trav discovers why he’s so captivated by her, an unexpected visitor has Dylan running scared once more.
After she disappears with neither trace nor explanation, the crew reluctantly calls in an old acquaintance to help track her down.
But will Trav still want the girl behind the façade when he finds out who she really is?

*Book 3 of the North Shore Crew - this series should be read in order.
-An insta-love/friends-to-lovers romantic suspense-

Jess & Mace.
Bright eyes & Cowboy.
Gorgeous, guarded and torn between her desires and responsibilities.
Charming, persistent, and loyal to a fault.
Together, they define love at its rawest, loss at its most crippling, and defeat at its most heartbreaking.

The instant Mace clapped eyes on Jess, the laws of attraction were set in motion.
Despite Jess’ resistance, their chemistry is more addictive than any drug they’ve ever known, and Jess finds herself wanting more than she can allow herself to have.
While she refuses to let him in, Mace willingly reveals his own sordid secret - the one he once vowed to take to the grave - in a bid to gain her trust. Armed with that knowledge, Jess doesn’t know whether to fall for the man a little further or push him away harder.
The decision is made for her the moment her double life makes a turn for the worse. The crew’s fears become reality when drastic actions lead to horrific consequences, and in the blink of an eye their entire world tilts on its axis.
Through the heartbreak and regret, will Jess be strong enough to walk away from the only man to earn her heart?

*Ride For Me (Book 1 of the North Shore Crew) should be read before this book.
It was a lonely world when the ever present ghosts of my past refused to lie dormant.
They blemished all that was beautiful in my world, tainting and tarnishing even the simplest of memories.

Emily Dixon knew what it was like to bury a secret deep within her innermost soul.
There, its power was removed. Confined. Ignored.
All remained hidden until Emily travelled seven thousand miles across the world and unexpectedly collided with Austin McKenna… The very man who blew both her secrets and heart out of the water while trying to piece her back together again.
There are moments in my life I wish I could alter, take back… re-do.
One do-over changed my world more than I could imagine.
Six weeks ago she crashed into my life without warning,
alleviated my burdens,
then wrenched out my heart.

Austin McKenna battled for years to live up to impossible expectations.
Emily Dixon showed him what it was like to love and be loved unconditionally, accepting and understanding him in his entirety.
Never had Austin experienced a longing or loss that compared to losing her.
She was the first woman he willingly bore his soul to, and now he was determined to claim her back once and for all… No matter the cost.
~Where temptations lie, consequences linger~

Jace & I were friends, family even, before one stupid fight shattered our relationship. That was the precise moment Jason Malone became the root of my heartbreak. I should have known better - we both should have. Yet, my pride had kept him at arm's length for the last three years and it was slowly destroying me. Our bond had always been tumultuous; that was our normality, but our last conflict had cut me deep. Too deep.
Now Jace was back, and he was turning my world upside down all over again.

After three years in the city, I was a changed man when I returned home. And damn, J had changed too. Despite the transformation, her familiar tenacious attitude still existed in spades and I would be a fool to think gaining her forgiveness would be easy - especially after hurting her the way I did. Hell, I would do just about anything to fix what I ruined that night. We were family, and therein lies the problem; unfortunately for me, the new Jocelyn Carmichael was tantalisingly irresistible, and I was officially screwed.

One fight broke us.

Three years didn’t dull the pain.

One night to regret.

A lifetime of consequences.
The 5th and final book of the North Shore Crew series.

Mickey & Kimmie...
...they're complicated.

Coming later in 2020.