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Adam Wade is the author of books: You Ought To Know Adam Wade, Motorcycle Fuel Injection Handbook, Some Days Less Human, The Skeleton Who Fell Down Piece By Piece

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Twenty-time Moth storytelling SLAM winner Adam Wade shares his life experiences in live performance in this unique memoir that combines his honesty onstage with his intimate reflections in the studio.

With his impassioned delivery and heartfelt perspective, Adam Wade and his personal, yet universal stories, have earned him 20 StorySLAM victories at The Moth and made him one of the most popular storytellers in the country. You Ought to Know Adam Wade is an unforgettable series of stories spanning the life of a lovable underdog from New Hampshire, who with the support of his family and friends, overcomes countless obstacles to achieve his dream of making it as a performer/storyteller in New York City.

Growing up, New Hampshire native Adam Wade’s family believed he was special. SPECIAL. They were the only ones. Finding friends at summer camp, in Little League, and in high school marching band proved challenging. His romantic efforts in college, his bold move to New York City in pursuit of a showbiz career, and the odd jobs he pursued while trying to make it were all rife with unique (and often funny) complications. Throughout, Adam kept his head up and took a swing at every curveball life threw his way with the openness, honesty, and humor that make his storytelling shows unmissable. Despite the many difficult and sometimes humorous hurdles and heartbreaks, he persevered in making a name for himself. Adam survived in NYC by finding groups of caring, generous, and nurturing people. They believed in him and gave him faith in himself.

Hear all about Adam’s loves, fears, dreams, disappointments, and victories - just like you were sitting in the audience. You’ll laugh, cry, and cheer for the human spirit. And when you’re finished listening, you’ll want to tell your closest friends, “Hey, you ought to know Adam Wade!”
In the mid-1990s, fuel injection was available on only a handful of exotic, high-buck European motorcycles. Today it is the predominant motorcycle technology. Despite its prevalence, very few motorcyclists understand fuel injection. Motorcycle Fuel Injection Handbook dissects its mysteries, thoroughly explaining the technology from its origins through its subsequent development and examines ways to modify the technology for optimum performance. Systems from all the major manufacturers are included as are after-market products. Motorcycle Fuel Injection Handbook discusses remapping tips, racing bike systems, and future development. It is the ultimate resource for those who want to master the most important motorcycle technology of our time.
An autobiographical memoir of a male adult survivor of incest; a snapshot of life, healing, growth and recovery. By Adam Wade, professional author, photographer, motorcycle parts designer and mechanic, ambulance driver, and volunteer firefighter. Note that this book was written in 1995, and a lot has changed since then; I've been remarried, had two other children, and have been disabled with fibromyalgia since writing this.