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Tory Baker - book author

Tory Baker is a devoted mother living in sunny Florida who spends her alone time writing about Alpha men who love their women and put them first in everything they do.

She loves to hear from her readers and you can contact her at

Tory Baker is the author of books: Nailed, Doctor For Hire, Going All In, Mail Ordered Bride, Just One Kiss (The Carter Brothers Book 1), Sweet As Candy: Trick or Treat Collaboration, Sweet Nothings (Sweet Enough to Eat #3), Breaking His Rules, Carried Away, Spreading Christmas Joy

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He might only be a fake boyfriend. 
But he’s going to make sure she’s not faking… anything.

Tabitha Riley needs a date for her sister’s wedding … and fast. 

It doesn’t matter that her sister is marrying her ex-boyfriend.

She could care less about that.

It’s showing up to the wedding single and alone, feeling her family’s pity and hearing their snide remarks about her lack of social life, that she can’t handle.
Enter Dr. Brody Miner.

He’s the man fantasies are made of, especially Tabitha’s. 

Still, it is just a simple arrangement.
No real relationship, nothing more than a date to a wedding. 

One friend helping out another friend.

But Brody is used to getting what he wants and he definitely wants Tabitha Riley— 
Over and over again.

In the wilds of Alaska single women are few and far between. An online site to find the perfect bride seems ridiculous, but Stone is willing to give it a try.
As he looks at Carly’s pictures and reads her words, he’s convinced she’s the one.
He spends his nights imagining what it will be like to finally touch her, to sink inside and hear her cry out his name.
When she finally gets there she’ll be lucky if he doesn’t tie her to his bed.
Too bad the woman getting off the plane is not the one he agreed to marry.
Luke Drake is obsessed with his job. He lives and breathes it.
He likes routine and being able to keep his world calm while chaos is all around him.

Every single morning, Kinsley Alexander can look at the clock and know when the next bell above the door goes off, it’s going to be Luke.

Kinsley thinks Luke Drake is a jerk. He doesn’t have time for the world around him and she’s pretty sure his most prized possession is his phone. It’s either glued to his ear, or his thumbs are moving a million miles a minute across the screen.

On a fluke, she decides to write little messages on his cup. Maybe it will make him come up for air and enjoy life. If anyone ever needed that, it would be Luke.

When that doesn’t seem to work, she gets up the nerve to talk to Luke instead.

Finally, Luke sees something other than his phone. What he sees is beauty so incredible it takes his breath away.
What he sees is Kinsley and he’s not letting her get away.
She’s meant to be his.

Tory’s back to wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day. Except she’s not bringing you candy or flowers. She’s bringing you an over the top Alpha that might be hard to wrangle, but is proof that when a girl whispers a few little words, while love is in the air, miracles happen. If sweet, hot, melt in your mouth heroes are your dessert of choice. Don’t worry, Tory has you covered with this one.
Evan Jackson is on his way to building an empire. As owner of one of the premiere fine dining experiences in Florida, he has plans to expand and turn a small sleepy town into a tourist attraction.
His restaurants are thriving and he makes sure his employees are happy and well paid. He only has one rule he lives by. He will never date his employees.
Then he saw his newest employee, Harlow.
One look at her and Evan knew that he was going to claim her as his. He wasn’t about to walk away.
To hell with his rules. He had to have her.
Besides, they always say rules are meant to be broken.

Tory has cooked you up something extra special this go around with Evan Jackson, restaurant owner and one over the top Alpha with his eyes on a girl he plans on making his dessert over and over and over… (You get the picture). Pull up a chair, grab a fan and dig in! As always guaranteed Safe read with a Happy Ever After sure to put a smile on your face.
Declan Williams is a billionaire. He has everything he could possibly want, except one thing.
Kendall Jackson is a flight attendant on his private jet. He’s been watching her, wanting her, and waiting for her to give him the all clear for far too long. Kendall is innocent, it shines in everything she does, but they’ve been playing cat and mouse and Declan is tired of waiting. He’s ready to make her his, forever. There’s no better place to make his move than when they’re thirty thousand feet in the air. Kendall is about to get carried away in all the things Declan has been dying to do to her. But most of all, this over-the-top Alpha won’t rest until he makes sure he has what he wants most. Kendall’s love.

Tory Baker is back with a love story that sure to make your heart soar at least a mile high (wink, wink.) So put your seats in the upright position, fasten your seatbelts and get ready for takeoff into Happy Ever After.