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Lee J. Minter - book author

Lee J. Minter is the author of books: In Sheep's Clothing, Zombie Pimp: A Night Turner Tribune Novella, Dead End: Twelve Tales Of Horror And Suspense, THEY CALL IT IZZY, The Spell: A Night Turner Tribune Novella, The Night Turner Tribune Five Tales of Horror + 1: Spellbound, The Night Turner Tribune Five Tales of Terror: Samantha Jackson

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Something deadly is stalking and killing the residents one by one in a small town in South Dakota. Is it man or beast? No one knows for sure. But one thing is certain, time is running out as the body count and carnage rises before the next blood moon arrives "In Sheep's Clothing."
Dead End is a compilation of both recent horror anthologies written by the author of the best-selling hit “In Sheep’s Clothing” and the cult favorite “Zombie Pimp.” Twelve stories of horror and suspense written for the true horror fans in mind that like their horror stories raw and unfiltered, with a satisfying bloody end.
In one of the hardest hit areas by Hurricane Katrina, in New Orleans, the lower ninth ward. Something mysterious and lethal has been reborn out of a different kind of tragedy and is now bringing death to all transgressors who crosses its path. Is it human, a demon, or something else? Samantha Jackson a hard-hitting investigative reporter from the Night Turner Tribune is on the streets of New Orleans to find the truth behind the mysterious homicides. In some very dark places, that many have venture, but few has lived to return.
When a Las Vegas mafia boss and his crew decide to look into a once struggling strip club that’s now a money pit they get more then what they bargain for as they come into contact with an ancient demon in this “From Dusk till Dawn” like tale that is sure to delight the most hardcore of horror fans.