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Ember Flint - book author

Ember Flint is a hopeless romantic who writes sizzling hot romance for people who like leaving the peskiness of reality at the door.
Her steamy stories are there to make a reader’s heart race and touch them in all the right places.
Expect the unexpected wrapped up in happily-ever-after with lots of passion, bubbly and sassy female leads and sexy hunky Alpha heroes that sometimes are human and sometimes are not.

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Ember Flint is the author of books: Be My Baby, Red, White & Hers (Falling on the Fourth #2), Smiling in Love, Secret Billionaire Baby Daddy, A Holly Jolly Deal (A Forever Safe Christmas #12), Bound for Christmas (A Forever Safe Christmas #23), Cash, Secret Crush's Baby, Drunk on you (Sundown Whisper’s Island #1), Falling for Him

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An Obsessive Billionaire & BBW Insta-love Paranormal Halloween Romance

26-year-old Gavin Stoke is the CTO and sole heir of Stoke Incorporated International, but aside from being a handsome and eligible bachelor, under his tailored expensive suits and genius computer know-how, he is anything but your typical businessman or geek, in fact, he is the epitome of the eccentric billionaire.
When he was a teenager, a terrible accident left him in a coma for weeks. After dreaming of a hauntingly beautiful voice, he woke up with ESP abilities and with the unstoppable obsession to find the woman behind the intoxicating voice that made him fall in love, the woman he knows is going to be his wife someday.
Eight years have gone by since the first time she sang into his subconscious and he is yet to look upon her mysterious face, but he won’t give up. He simply can’t.
She will be his ‘Baby’.

24-year-old Pastry Chef Maeve Lennox has been dreaming for years of an enigmatic man she has never met but loves with all of her heart and, in the deepest part of her soul, she knows he is real and waiting for her. She is so obsessed with him that when it was time to open her bakery, Dreamy Love Cakes & Cookies, she did it in the city where she has always known they will someday meet, no matter that it meant moving to the other side of the country.
He will be her ‘Baby’.

How do you stop looking for your one true love?
For both of them, the answer is easy: you don’t.
This Halloween, at a lame costume party, in an even lamer nightclub, their patience will finally be rewarded with way more than candies!

Dear Reader:

Witch please, by now you know you can trust me:
I’m serving you an extra sugary-sweet SAFE treat on a piping hot silver platter. As usual, there’s NO-cheating, no OW/OM drama and a guaranteed happily-ever-after that will rot your teeth. This steamy novella features a passion that’s been building up for eight years, a bountiful, innocent but sassy heroine that sings like a nightingale and an OTT dominant, protective alpha hero that is in love with her even before he sees her. I don’t think insta-love can get any faster than this. *wink*
Boston has never seen this kind of October scorching AF heat before, and never have you!

Come for the caramel apple pops and stay for the filthy smut, but don’t forget that reading this is not advisable while flying: park your broomsticks on the side of the road before attempting this dirty tricky-treaty ride, you’ve been warned!
31-year-old Truman Cox doesn’t really like the glitz and the glamour of the business world, he’s a real man with a Marine past that weighs heavily on his shoulders, but he cares about his family’s company too much not to be involved in it and as the Head of Security he feels his duty to keep everybody safe keenly.
His life is one of responsibilities and too many bad memories, but then one day he lays eyes on Ivy and all his priorities change: protecting her, keeping her safe, even from himself, is of the essence.
No way he’ll taint her with the ugliness of his past: he’d rather not have her at all than ruin her.

22-year-old Ivy Cooper is a sweet and shy graphic designer that spends more time sketching than she ever does living.
She’s new to Philly and to love, until she meets Truman and he pierces her heart, making her feel like she really belongs, but he won’t do anything about it.

There’s an invisible barrier keeping them apart and she’s not going to stop until she breaks through and she’s about to do just that.
Truman has been falling for Ivy since he met her, but it’s on the Fourth that he falls for good, finally hitting the ground, and once he has her in his arms, there’s no going back, she will make sure of that.

Dear Reader:

Will they/won’t they might be the behind the scenes of this story, but once they get too close all bets are off.
This steamy novella is pure sugary-smut and the epitome of SAFE: there’s NO-cheating, no OW/OM drama and it’s HEA-guaranteed.
It’s a totally inappropriate, quick and explosive ride that will light up your summer sky with a tall dark and handsome protective alpha that also has a beard —you’re welcome!— a sweet curvy redhead, desperate to pull her man out of his dark place, and more heat than should be allowed!

Warning: This Fourth of July there are going to be fireworks all right, but not just the usual kind! These two are going to see stars and so will you!

*Please note that ‘Red, White & Hers’ is part of the ‘Falling on the Fourth’ series, each one of the 4 novellas focuses only on one couple and there are no cliffhangers so the books can be read in any order and also as standalones.
A Billionaire & BBW Virgin Duet Insta-love Romance

30-year-old Blake Long got a raw deal when he was but two, but he managed to pull through. Now, completely alone in the world, he’s the quiet, reclusive and shy CEO of Long Safeguard, an IT firm he built from the ground up, starting from a beat-up, cast-off laptop and ending with a billion dollars in his bank account just as he turned twenty-five, but his professional accomplishments mean nothing when all he has waiting for him at the end of the day is an empty bed in an empty flat, just as hollow as his own bare life.

24-year-old Sunny Brooks is a positive-thinking, sweet, smart-mouthed freelance photographer that has been told her entire life that her parents couldn’t have picked a better name for her and she’s always believed it was true, but lately her smiles are starting to lose their momentum. For the last year or so, her boisterous, happy, forever-nosing-around family has been hounding her to settle down and if her beloved, but meddlesome older sisters attempt to set her up with their weekly version of Mr. Right one more time, she’s going to scream.

And then she meets him.
What happens when your smile finally finds a purpose?

And then he meets her.
What happens when you finally meet the one that can make you smile?

They couldn’t be more different, but they just can’t walk away.
Like day and night, dark and light, like the sun and the moon, but also like two magnets, two parts of a whole that, upon recognition, can no longer be kept separate.

Dear Reader:

This inflammable, saccharine story is so filthy, you’d better make sure no one is standing behind you while you read it, and so fluffy-sweet, it packs its own calories.
I swear: it’s gonna stay on your hips as much as the big, possessive hands of this adorable, dirty-talking, protective OTT alpha hero stay on the heroine’s curvy ones —which is FOREVER.
As usual, this is a SAFE book, there’s NO-cheating, no OW/OM drama, it’s HEA-guaranteed and features a voluptuous, innocent but spunky heroine that’s sparkly and bubbly as a flute of champagne on an empty stomach and a hero that brings tall, dark and handsome to another level, so brooding you’ll want to make him smile yourself and so uptight, strait-laced and no-nonsense, you just know he’s going to explode when the time is right (and the time is so right!).
Do opposites attract?
Oh, yes, they do, baby!
If you don’t believe me, come and see…
There are two virgins at the start of this story and guess how many at the end?

Warning: hot, crazy-fast insta-love coming your way! Might melt your kindle and your heart too!

A Second Chance at Love BBW Surprise-Baby Romance

34-year-old Zeke Winston with his wild beard and tattoos might not look like your typical financier, but everybody knows not to let his appearances fool them. Businesslike, sensible and level-headed, he’s been the CEO of his family privately held, worldwide hedge fund company, E&W Capital International, for years and leads the most unromantic life ever.
Old-moneyed, hard-working, charitable and ruggedly handsome as he is, he can hardly avoid hitting the list of most eligible New York diehard bachelors every year, but he doesn’t think his status will ever change.
He is the man who can’t be moved until, suddenly, he becomes quite the opposite when he touches love for the first time one fateful night and a curvy fairy turns his life upside down.
And then she disappears like a dream and now he’ll do anything to find her, but the Big Apple has never been so immense it seems, yet no matter how heartbroken he is and how little he has to go on, he still can never forget her and will never stop looking for his little bit of sky.
He will find her. He was her first lover, she was his first love, he has already lost her once and won’t let it happen again.

22-year-old Skye Brighton is a camera-shy accountant laden with more curves than she can handle sometimes. She may be full of energy, spunky and gritty, but she’s very private, doesn’t like to draw attention to herself and she has never known much happiness. Orphaned and almost completely alone in the world, she just got unfairly fired from her first real job, but she’s used to be an underdog with no champion and won’t let this drag her down.
She thinks she’s unsinkable, she’s always been, though the universe seems to hold a bit of a grudge against her and has tried to kick her down plenty of times.
And then her life gets that much more complicated when a sexy, large, tattooed bearded gentleman drags her away, steals all of her firsts and leaves with her something she never expected to have.
A broken heart might just be the thing to finally sink her.
Wasn’t love supposed to conquer all when she finally found The One?
What the heck happened there?

Dear Reader:

So yeah, the forecast on this stormy fairy tale might not look sunny right now, but don’t worry, you know that you can, as always, trust me to make this 100% SAFE and happy.
Check out this ingredients’ list if you don’t believe me:
One giant, obsessed OTT possessive alpha baby daddy, insta-heat, plenty of spicy smutty times, a heroine that’s so sugary and sassy, she will add all the sweetness and laughter you need to this story, a dusting of angst, a pinch of thrill, a tablespoon of intrigue, a side of secret bundle of joy and a big serving of happily ever after that will tickle you pink and leave you full and content.

By now you’ve guessed it already: this filthy-cheesy romance is insta-love fluffiness and second-chance-at-love goodieness all wrapped up in one big candy-coated messy package. There’s no cheating, it’s HEA-guaranteed and there’s no OW/OM drama, though there’s a dastardly evil stepsister behind the scenes, fair warning!

A Best Friends to Lovers Holiday Romance

Wall Street financial wizard Christopher Winters might be the undisputed ruler of every stock market he plays in on the planet, but behind the ice-cold tough facade and the brainy bravado, he keeps hidden a heart that hasn’t belonged to him in fourteen years and his charming smiles never reach his eyes.
He was lucky to meet his one true love early in life, but there’s a problem: she has never seen him as anything more than her nerdy childhood friend.
Now every year in December he gets to spend an entire week in close quarters with her, since their families are tighter than ever, relaxing in the snowy Aspen by occupying every waking moment obsessing about what he can’t have, avoiding awkward moments all over the place and being constantly scolded by his matchmaking mother about how bad it is of him to insist on being single while they all celebrate Christmas together.
Isn’t that nice?

Hope Snow loves the Season to be Jolly with all her heart. Every year she can’t wait to leave San Francisco and the fancy art dealing world behind to go spend time with her family and the Winters during their traditional 7-days-of-Total-Christmas-holiday in their usual frosty paradise.
The best part is that she gets to see Chris, her dearest friend in the whole world, but, of course, there’s also a worst part and that is being constantly nagged by her mom about finding the one, settling down and having half a ton of babies, as if she needs a yearly-reminder about how broken she must be for being unable to fall in love!

Not this year, though.
She has a plan this time around or better yet: she has a deal in mind and the only thing she needs is for Chris to play along.

And Christopher?
Well, he loves her too much to refuse, but how far can you push a man in love before his control finally snaps?

Dear Reader:

This is a standalone, No-cheating and HEA-guaranteed sensually-sweet holiday novella that features an obsessed OTT Alpha at the end of his twinkling-lights-rope, a sassy but totally clueless curvy heroine who’s been waiting under the mistletoe all her life for her first kiss and plenty of naughty times that would make the baddest of Santas blush.

These two may have no idea of what’s going on in their hearts, but oh boy: when they do catch up, even the snow-capped Aspen gets tropical ho-ho-hot , so you might want to ditch the hot cocoa in favor of some icy beverage while you read this, fair warning!

*Please note that A Holly Jolly Deal is book 12 in the ’A Forever Safe Christmas’ multi-author collection, each one of the stories is set in its own universe so the books can be read in any order and also as standalones.
An Enemies to Lovers Holiday Romance

30-year-old Tristan Silver was a very happy nerd until his dad got the crazy idea of merging their company with that of a former competitor turned friend, creating Silver & Gold Tech and saddling him with a very annoying, pint-sized Co-CEO that’s been bent on driving him crazy since the first time they met.
Natalie might be curvy and easy on the eyes, but she’s an opinionated ball-buster that only opens her mouth to pester him like a veritable malware jammed into his system.
He totally loathes her.
And now his dad wants to drag him to a week-long company retreat for Christmas so they can bond and set a good example for the others.
That’s not how he envisioned spending his holidays.

28-year-old Natalie Gold was a very happy nerd until her dad promoted her to CEO of their company with the proviso that she must work with the most arrogant, brooding, unsociable bossy jerk on the face of the earth.
The giant bastard certainly knows how to do a pair of dark-rimmed glasses justice and how to rock a five o’clock shadow, but for every inch of his hunky sexiness there’s a price to pay, because he seems to live to contradict her and as soon as he opens his mouth, he becomes the absolute bane of her existence.
She totally loathes him.
And now her dad wants to turn her Christmas celebration into a cheery eggnog-spiked trip to snowy hell by forcing her to share close quarters with her stuck-up Co-CEO and to play nice with him to promote good teamwork between their execs.
That’s not how she envisioned spending her holidays.

Silver and Gold should go together, particularly on Christmas, but Tristan and Natalie have other ideas on how to spend the Most Wonderful Time Of The Year ; too bad they are bound together and surrounded by snow with nowhere to escape and nothing else to do but act like they are best buddies while they try not to throttle each other.
Then again, trying not to jump each other’s bones might prove to be more difficult.

Dear Reader:

This is a standalone, No-cheating and HEA-guaranteed naughty and nice holiday novella that features an OTT Alpha nerd that doesn’t know that there’s a fine line between love and hate, a sassy and curvy computer geek heroine that walks that thin line with him just as obliviously, and a bickering passion that turns into a fiery love that could melt snow and incinerate mistletoe just in time for Christmas.
Silver and Gold are definitely a must this year, trust me, they look amazing wrapped all over each other. *wink*

*Please note that Bound for Christmas is book 23 in the ’A Forever Safe Christmas’ multi-author collection, each one of the stories is set in its own universe so the books can be read in any order and also as standalones.
Cash Stone is a hard-edged businessman that has been in charge of everything around him for as long as he can remember. He is all about work and no play. Set in his ways, he has been disappointed far too many times in his life to do something about it and is now resigned to only do his duty and preserve the prestigious legacy of his family.
He has always been surrounded by money and strangers; his name the perfect label to a life of power, success and loneliness, but everything changes when he meets a twenty-year-old girl who has been as alone as he has, but without the fortune to keep her safe and she instantly slices through the armor protecting his heart.

Aria Murphy is tired of being alone, life has been tough on her and in a cruel twist of fate, the irony of Murphy’s law seems to be following her every step of the way. Anything that could go wrong, did and everyone she has ever loved is now gone.
Just when she thinks her life could not possibly sink any lower, a friendly hand is extended down to her —a friendly strong hand, attached to a crazily big, gorgeous billionaire who wants to sweep her off her feet and make her his forever.

Resisting is futile, even if she wished to: Cash is a true alpha who will stop at nothing to have her and has come up with an astonishing plan to make sure he can buy for himself the chunk of happiness life seems obstinate to deny him.
After all, he owns pretty much everything he sees, so why not sweet innocent Aria as well?

Dear Reader:

If Tall Dark and Handsome is not enough for you, Cash is also a Cowboy with only claiming and breeding in his mind (you can thank me later for that).
This is an over the top manly and obsessive hero falling hard and ridiculously fast for an untouched blushing heroine with a sassy mouth, if this is your kind of story, hang onto your cowboy hats, sign on the dotted line and take this baby home: it will totally rock your world.

This is utterly unrealistic, filthy, insta-love cheesy, saccharine sweetness spiced up with steamy hotness. No cheating, lots of baby-making loving and a guaranteed HEA so deliciously sugary it will spoil your teeth, grab your heart and uh... other places *wink*
I hereby promise that the loneliness and bad luck of this couple ends as soon as they meet each other, our sexy and possessive Cash would never have it any other way; so don't be shy, keep a tissue close by to dab at your eyes, a box of chocolate within reach, wear comfy clothes and buckle up for a sizzling ride that comes with an adorable surprise at the end.

Warning: this smutty read could seriously melt your kindle!
34-year-old Ryker Forrest is the all-powerful, stern and imposing CEO of Forrest Holdings, his family multinational enterprise, and very few people are allowed to see his more playful side, but there’s a thing even his nearest and dearest don’t know about him.
He has a secret.
He might be the most sought-after, eligible, debonair bachelor in the state of New York, but he hasn’t been on a date in seven years.
Not since he met someone that grabbed ahold of his heart and never let go, but she can never know.
He wishes he could tell his best friend about it, but something tells him the guy would be none too pleased if he knew that someone is his little sister.

Izzy Garnet is sweet and shy, the odd one out in a long legal dynasty. She’s a 26-year-old eleventh-grade chemistry teacher that has been called ‘geeky’ more times than she could count, but she’s proud to be a nerd and would never let words slow her down. Her totally-up-in-your-business family thinks they have her all figured out, but they don’t know she has a secret.
She’s been covertly crushing on her older brother’s best friend since the day they met.
Not only Ryker and Izzy unwittingly share a corresponding secret, they also have the same wish: they want a baby. Now.

Dear Reader:

This story has it all.
It’s sweet, filthy fluffiness and it’s SAFE.
There’s NO-cheating, no OW/OM drama, it’s HEA-guaranteed and features baby-making-fever, an innocent but willful curvy heroine that is totally oblivious to her luck, a possessive, just-this-side-of-crazy, over-the-top alpha hero that does more growling than any sexy man should be permitted to do and an off-the-pages, slow burn love that will jump at you from the start and melt your Kindle into a gooey puddle.
So what do you think?
Are these clueless two going to immediately own up to their feelings or will they come up with a wacky plan that allows them to have everything and nothing at the same time?
Option B, ladies and gentlemen. Option B all the way.

I’ve given you sweet heroes with filthy in them, and filthy heroes with a sweet filling, but probably never someone as dirty as Ryker. You have been warned!
37-year-old Damon Broderick is the imposing, strait-laced President and CEO of his family multi-ventures conglomerate, and romance is the last thing on his list, in fact, he is quite tired of all the debutantes chasing after him and he can’t wait to leave New York City behind and just focus on the grand opening of the Sundown Whisper Resort, the latest addition to his family’s chain of hotels in the breathtaking island of Puesta del Sol.

24-year-old Ellie Silver is a spunky and full of energy girl with a big heart and more curves than she knows what to do with. She always tries to see the bright side of things, but she’s really unhappy working as a customer service consultant for a huge soulless multinational and when her best friend tells her about an opening in one of the prettiest, most wild and quaint Florida Keys, she can’t help but think that her luck is finally changing.

In the hottest day of the summer, just as the sun goes down on the glistening golden shores of the island they both end up finding more than they came looking for.

Dear Reader:

This island-getaway romance is a summer holiday for your mind, hot like the sun, salty like the sand and filled with filthy piña-colada-sweetness to the brim.
As usual, this is a SAFE book with a scorching happily-ever-after, NO-cheating and no OW/OM drama and features a curvaceous, innocent but plucky heroine and an over-the-top protective alpha hero head over heels in love with her in seconds!

Don’t miss out on the sexy times under the setting sun, grab your sunscreen and take a plunge: you won’t regret it!

*Please note that Drunk on you is part of the ‘Sundown Whisper’s Island Series’, each one of the stories focuses only on one couple and there are no cliffhangers so the books can be read in any order and also as standalones.
22-year-old Lexi Trevors is having a very, very bad day.
Love is in the air at her flat, in her office and well… practically in whichever direction she happens to be looking and she’s definitely developed an allergy to it. In an attempt to escape the saccharine madness, she takes a long walk and discovers that the black cloud that seems to be hovering on top of her head just doesn’t want to give up.
She’s cold, soaked through, disoriented and disheartened and, all of a sudden, she’s not even vertical anymore and that’s when she meets a pair of hazel eyes attached to a big, imposing, sexy man that makes her black cloud fizzle out like a popped balloon with a single swoon-worthy smile.

At 27, Mason Grant, CTO and Vice President of his namesake company, is having a very, very bad day and things got so surreal at Grant Enterprise’s headquarters that he just had to get out of there.
In the span of ten hours, he has dealt with more crises than a single guy could —or should— handle in a single day. After a screaming contest, an attempted coup d'état, several brawls all over the Boardroom, an unpleasant proposition and a thwarted blackmail, the last thing he needs is to end up wearing a cup of scalding coffee all over his suit, but apparently life has a funny way to always kick you while you’re down, not that Mason cares anymore: as far as he’s concerned, life can keep on kicking as much as it wants as long as it keeps the tiny, curvy stunner with the big blue eyes in his sights.

Dear Reader:

So yeah, they’re having a bad day, but don’t worry: after the cutest meet cute ever, their day won’t end as it started.
In this drama-free, sweet and steamy romantic comedy set on a very rainy day during a very rainy week in Chicago, our heroine may be the one who hits the ground, but our alpha hero is not too far behind and soon they’re both falling hard.
There’s no cheating, it’s happily-ever-after-guaranteed and, you’ve guessed it already, their romance is an insta-love so fast, your head is going to spin and so hot you’ll need to fan yourself, fair warning!