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Laurie J. Cameron - book author

Laurie Cameron, author, and founder of PurposeBlue, shares her energy and compassion to inspire, teach, and coach internationally. Recent clients include Google, Deloitte, The Aspen Institute, Cisco, Sunovian, Gemalto and Union Bank, among others. Laurie received the Five Mindfulness Trainings directly from Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh, and offers these teachings as everyday applications. Laurie’s forthcoming National Geographic book The Mindful Day is for the busy professional who wants to learn practical, accessible ways to integrate mindfulness into daily life. She authored “A Mindful Approach to Navigating Change” in the book The Neuroscience of Learning and Development, Stylus, 2016 and is featured on mindfulness in National Geographic’s book 100 Things to Make You Happy, 2015.

Currently a Senior Fellow with the Center for the Advancement of Well-Being at George Mason University, Laurie teaches Mindful Leadership at Maryland’s R.H. Smith School of Business and is a Master Teacher with Google’s Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute, teaching in London, Paris, Munich, Zurich, Beijing, Hyderabad, Helsinki, Copenhagen and throughout the United States.

As a former leader in Accenture’s Change and Human Performance practice, Laurie has served Fortune 100 companies globally, while living in Germany, the US and Brazil. She held executive positions in Leadership and Organization Performance at Williams Sonoma, Blue Shield of California, and Fort Point Partners. Laurie is a certified executive coach with the International Coaching Federation and works one-on-one with clients to optimize performance and well being. Laurie teaches in schools and has taught over 1500 young students and 300 faculty the core concepts and practices of mindfulness and compassion.

Laurie J. Cameron is the author of books: The Power of Self-Compassion, The Mindful Day: Practical Ways to Find Focus, Calm, and Joy from Morning to Evening

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There’s no denying that life can be difficult. Simply being human means experiencing emotional and physical pain. None of us escapes dealing with pain, failure, and setbacks. But learning how to practice mindful self-compassion can be life-changing. Self-compassion comes from the understanding that every human being suffers, that we all want to be happy, and that this commonality connects us with everyone else.

Over the last decade, there has been an international explosion of research on mindfulness and self-compassion. Contemplative practices are being integrated with science and psychology. Researchers are sharing information on the power of inner-directed compassion and its beneficial effects on mental well-being, growth, motivation, relationships, and physical health.

Join expert Laurie Cameron to discover tools—including meditations, exercises, journaling, and in-the-moment practices—that will help you evoke mindfulness and self-compassion in your everyday life, in a way that it becomes your natural response—your new set of habits. As you adopt these practices, you’ll start to see a shift in how you work with stressful life events, as well as how you connect with the shared human experience of loss, challenge, disappointment, failure, and setbacks.
Combining contemplative traditions, modern neuroscience, and psychology, this engaging, relatable book is the ultimate how-to guide for overscheduled adults looking to bring peace and focus to their daily lives at home, in the workplace, and beyond.

At the pinnacle of the digital age, it's hard to imagine packing one more thing into our overwhelmed lives. But new research shows that simple daily exercises can change the way our brain works, improve focus, lift our mood, create stronger connections, and help us develop greater resilience. In this enriching book, noted teacher and mindfulness expert Laurie Cameron provides an everyday road map to cultivate inner peace and navigate any situation with control and clarity. Timeless teachings and straightforward practices designed for busy schedules--from the morning commute to back-to-back meetings to family dinners--show how mindfulness can transform life at home, in the workplace, and beyond. A personal guide for women who have leaned in, men who want to be more effective, and professionals looking to optimize their lives, this book will help readers lead their lives with intention and purpose.