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Jax Hart - book author

Jax Hart is the author of books: UnScripted (Creed MC, #2), Duke (Creed MC, #1), ENRAPTURED (The Devil & His Dove, #2), ENTWINED: (The Devil & His Dove, #3), UNDONE: A NEW CONTEMPORARY SECOND CHANCE MC ROMANCE (CREED Book 3), Enslaved, DOM DIARIES : THE CHASE: A Billionaire searches for love., Unwrapped, His Dirty Girl, ENSLAVED, ENRAPTURED & ENTWINED: THE COMPLETE DEVIL & DOVE SERIES (TRILOGY): A BILLIONAIRE DARK ROMANCE SERIES

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When she told me Sons of Anarchy was her favorite show, I knew I was in trouble.

When she said I'm what Jax would look like if he didn't die, I knew I was screwed.

I was her fantasy man... all grown up.

But I'm no pretty boy acting in a show. This is real life sweetheart. It's ugly. It's raw.


Meat a.ka. Roger spent his life protecting the secrets of his motorcycle club while being a bodyguard to the princess who grew up in its shadow. But when she finds her king and her happy ending: Roger rides alone.

Devon walks into his bar looking for a job. But, one look at the tatted, silver fox and she knows she's found her man.

But Meat wants nothing to do with a girl half his age. He calls her jailbait. She calls him her dream man.

Sometimes the best things are unplanned. They are UnScripted.

Authors Note: This is a standalone spinoff novella from Duke.
She's his obsession.
He's her downfall.

Raised in a remote town by men who would die for her, Shanna can't wait to escape years of being babysat by the archaic mentality of the men her father's MC. They live by a code. A code she's done being part of.

But even in isolated places... there are people dying to take you down.
Duke and Shanna must decide if they are going to fight for their love or watch it crash and burn when both of them are forced to make choices they can't come back from.

How far would you go for love?


I stopped in on a whim to see the old dive bar where my old man used to spend his days--getting drunk with his boys from the MC. But when I walked in and saw her... I knew I would be back and not just for another round, but to make Shanna mine.
She's asking for trouble teasing me the way that she does.
She's made a mistake.
A bad one.

I'm not like the pathetic boys at her college. I'm an ex-marine, and I'm gonna make my BAD GIRL pay. But I wasn't expecting her to put up a fight. Taming her just might be the biggest battle I've faced yet, but I'm determined to make it the sweetest victory for us both.

She's my angel, but I'm her devil.
Together we're gonna burn.
Every time I tried to run, he caught me.

The nights were turbulent as the stormy tides. In his arms, I found refuge...until he became my storm.

He's breaking every part of me like the tide battering against the rocks.

If I can't escape... I'll lose more than my heart and body--I'll lose my mind.

Next time he won't catch me. I'll run to the moon if I need be. But something tells me I could never go far enough. He has me ENSLAVED.

I was bored. Attending the same parties, seeing the same faces and even more familiar bodies dolled up in the latest fashions straight from the runway. But one night in Capri changed everything.

She was perfect.


My sweet little dove became a caged bird. I cruelly clipped her wings just as she started to fly.

She's mine.

Destined to soar only in my embrace.

She's become my sweet little pet, and I'm her UNRELENTING MASTER.

Together we are both ENSLAVED.

Authors Note: This is the first book in a 3 part series. Each book ends with a mini-cliffhanger.
This season I've found a whole new level of bad. The kind who whispers naughty things while looking like a cross between a billionaire businessman and a bad boy biker.

He will pay.
I will make his Christmas hell and be the one waving him goodbye with my middle finger as he packs his bags and rolls out.
This roof isn't big enough for the two of us.
Heck, neither is this town.
Or this country. Maybe the entire world. 

He packs an ego to match his size. His swagger is sexy as all hell. He smells like pine soap and new money.I won't do it. Be his Mrs. Kringle or his HO HO HO. He isn't gonna jingle my bell or put that sexy mouth of his on mine.
I won't let it happen. If only I could find a way to get the man out of my damn head. If I don't I'm totally scrooged.

Note:This is a full length holiday romance with plenty of spice!
By day Ashley is a good little nurse, but at night she dreams of being his dirty girl.

The notes are blurring on the page.
I can't think.
I can't speak.
This man mesmerizes me and I'm in danger of losing everything if I give in to my desire for him.
But it's not going away.
I've never had such dirty thoughts...never wanted a man to do such dirty things to me.

Ashley Hill is trying very hard to make a new life for herself. Falling for her new boss was not on her to-do list. But she can't control her hormones when he's around. In her dreams, she is safe to explore her deepest desires, but what happens when the lines between fantasy and reality become blurred? Will Ashley put her career in jeopardy just to be his?

I've wanted her since the first second I saw her wearing those tight ass scrubs. My mouth waters and my palms itch every time she walks by, and my dick...well you can guess what he's doing.

Everything is getting so damn hard. I don't care that she is off-limits. I need to make her mine, STAT.

WARNING this is a panty-melting, quick and dirty read! Standalone HEA.

Authors Note: This is book one of the Deep Desire series. Each can be read as a stand alone.