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River Laurent - book author

River Laurent is the author of books: The CEO & I, Sweet Revenge, Cherry Popper, Kissing Booth, The Promise, Dear Neighbor, Single Dad, The Magic Cupcake,, Too Hot to Handle

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A Steamy office romance

The job is exactly what I want. I know I can do it well. I'm excited until the woman at the agency says there's no point applying since, the essential but unspoken qualifications are being either married, or middle-aged, and I'm neither.
Apparently, Luke Remington, the CEO is a workaholic who's sick of having his young secretaries fall in love with him and lose concentration on their job. Turns out unattractiveness is considered a bonus since he didn't want to be distracted either.
But I'm not giving up that easy. I convince the agency to send me for the interview. I ditch my cosmetics, invest in a cheap wedding ring, put on some dowdy clothes. For good measure, I add a pair of ugly glasses, pull my hair into an unflattering bun, and voila. Married and unattractive.
Yeah, I got the job, Oh, and guess what? I now understand why the other secretaries couldn't concentrate on this job.
Luke Remington...the hottest CEO alive

My new secretary is super-efficient, but even better she doesn’t fawn over me. I guess she could be attractive, but she doesn’t make much of herself. The woman is still wearing coke bottle glasses and her fashion choices might look better as curtains. Well, not my problem.
We’ve just arrived for a conference in Thailand. If I’m really hot I could potentially cut a couple of big ticket deals at the same time. Jade made all the arrangements, and so far, so good. Then I hear a scream coming from the room next door. Her room.
I rush in through the connecting door and she’s in the bathroom. Yeah, I see the massive spider. But that's the least of my problems. Jade is in a towel. Without her thick glasses. Or her granny clothes. And her long thick hair is loose and tumbling down her silky back.
Damn, the agency screwed up after all.
I’m so f**ked!
Great! Just Great!
My boyfriend of two years dumps me for another woman on the eve of New Year’s Eve.
And the reason? She weighs less than me.
Thanks, James. Really. Thanks.
But, I’m not sitting at home crying for your sorry ass.
No, I’m going to re-build the confidence you systematically destroyed.
And then I go and meet Ace, the hottest, sexiest man alive.
Whoa! And it is sweet revenge all the way.
Will a chance reunion lead to more than the HOTTEST night of her life in this sexy second chance romance?
I was the poor kid from the wrong end of town, and she was the little rich girl who thought she was better than me.

F**k her, I told my young heart. It wasn't like I'd go without. And I didn't. My bedroom became a revolving door.

Years later and she's back in my small town.

Well, well, the little rich girl has become a luscious woman with curves I want to lick. Best part of all is she's in a jam and needs my help.

Sure, baby. Sure, I think I might have just the tool you need...

He doesn't know it, but I was crazy about him. I only turned him down because I didn't want to be just another notch on his bedpost. Not that it bothered him, with his wicked smile and piercing blue eyes he went on to take the cherries of so many girls he earned the title of Cherry Popper.

After college, I moved to the city, but now I'm back for my friend's wedding, and the first person I run into is him.

Oh my, but he's a sight for sore eyes. The grown up, Jesse Cooper all hard muscles and oozing sex appeal, may even be able to fix my...uh...other problem too...
A sexy, curvy girl, standalone romance with HEA.
A fake fiancée and second chance romance.


When we were kids she set up a kissing booth in our schoolyard. Even then, I wanted to buy a kiss from her, but she ran away in tears.

Twelve years later, I come home to find her in my bed... fast asleep.

It's just like Goldilocks, but with waves of long, dark-chocolate hair.

Hell, I don't even want to blink in case she disappears.

I didn’t pay too much attention to my fairy tales. Did any of those bears get to the kiss the girl?

Whatever, I'm not buying kisses these days. I'm all grown up now. There’s hot blood pumping through my veins, and I take what I want when I want it.

Hmm, come to think of it, I’m not in the market for kisses, but I could do with a fake fiancée.

This time there'll be no running away, Sweet Dani Sabre... I’m claiming you for my own.


I know I shouldn't have taken that nap. I wake up to find a devastatingly handsome man watching me.

Dark hair, ripped body and piercing blue eyes that smolder right through my soul.

I thought he was going to get me fired from my cleaning agency, but instead he shocks me and asks me to be his fake fiancée in exchange for an insane amount of money.

I’m not mad, so of course, I say, “Yes.”
Here I am. One of only two residents left in an entire building block in Lower Manhattan. A developer has managed to buy out everyone else except me and the manwhore in the apartment next door.

I say manwhore because:
1. He's the hottest thing I've seen on two legs. (it shouldn't be a reason but it kinda explains reason number two)
2. The screams of ecstasy coming from his apartment on a regular basis.

On the day I find out my boyfriend is a worthless, low-life cheating jerk, I get too drunk too care with my bestie and manage to lock myself out of my apartment. Then...I'm not exactly sure how it happened, but I accidentally/purposely kissed the manwhore.

Turns out, sex on legs, six-foot and four inches of hard muscle is a hot-shot businessman who's used to getting what he wants, but I'm not going there. No way.

He's not going to make me scream.

He's not getting into my bed, or my heart.

Even if he is so outrageously irresistible...and he’s somehow become my fake boyfriend!
A hot and sexy enemies to lovers office romance

My life is going to hell in a handbasket. My bitter rival just stole the technology I spent millions to design and passed it off as his. Now I have less than two weeks to come up with a miracle, or lose everything I've worked all my life for.

Into this hot mess comes my ex-wife. This is the woman who fought me tooth and nail for custody of my daughter. She shows up at my office, drops my kid at reception, and flies off to Europe. So now I have a child, no nanny, and nothing in place to care for my little girl.

To top it all off, my new Senior Engineer walks into my office. A juicy, blonde spitfire who heats up my blood and makes me want to forget my number one rule: Do NOT Sleep With Your Employees.


The owners of multi-million dollar companies should be pot-bellied middle aged men who smell of cigars. Not Lincoln Cage. Nope. A girl could drown in his stormy eyes. She could even mold her body against those very hard muscles.

Not me, obviously, just a general observation.

I'm not looking for a relationship and I've got too much self-respect to sleep with my boss. Especially, since he is the most arrogant, demanding, bad-tempered, cocky jerk I've ever met.

A full length standalone with guaranteed happily ever after and no cheating. File Includes awesome bonus content.
A heartwarming, sexy and romantic story that will leave a huge smile on your face.

Lauren's more than a little Infatuated with the sexy hunk who's moved in next door. He ticks a lot of the boxes as her ideal man.
There is small problem though... he doesn't even know she exists.
Her best friends who think they have the perfect answer.
A Gypsy woman.
A Spell.
And a Cupcake
What could possibly go wrong?
Sometimes a crazy plan might just be the best recipe to find Mr Right... or... it might turn out to be a complete disaster.

A standalone romance with no cheating and guaranteed HEA.
Once upon cowboy
Loan sharks are circling, I’ve got my dad’s hospital bills to pay, and my landlord is about to kick me out onto the street.
It’s all doom and gloom until my best friend, Jesse, tells me that she’s found me a job impersonating the famous hotel heiress, Tamara Honeywell.
I get to live on a ranch in Montana for a month and take care of all my money worries. The only snag is I’ll have to have my lips injected, and act like a spoilt, demanding, selfish brat. but, what the hell? Collagen is temporary, and I can act like the world’s most bitchy heiress for a month.

Until I see the jaw-droppingly handsome cowboy who comes to collect me. All flashing eyes, sun drenched skin, steely muscles…and spitting venom. Oops, he can’t stand talentless celebrities. Absolutely hates them. Damn, he looks like he wants to put me over his knee and spank me.

This is going to be interesting!

In Montana it's not just the sky that's big. So saddle up for the hottest cowboy that ever walked the pages of a book.
This is a standalone with HEA and no cheating. ADULT content over 18.
Who says curvy girls FINISH last...


All I wanted to do was stay at home and lose myself in my romance novel. I certainly didn't want to go see the all-American male stripper troupe from Miami perform, but Eleanor would hear nothing of it.

She had just broken up with her boyfriend, and in her opinion, the universe owed her a night of pure lust with the star of the show, Subway Chad.

I'd never been to see a bunch of guys get their kit off before, and to be honest, I had a strong feeling it wouldn't be my thing. All these women screaming their heads off for a bunch of guys who were almost definitely gay.

Nevertheless, we got dressed up to the nines and went to see the performance. Subway Chad appeared on stage. And, oh my freaking God…

Then his eyes found mine.


Women throwing themselves at me on and off stage was no big deal, but me spotting a woman in the crowd and insanely wanting her. Nah, that had never happened.

There was only one thing to do. Get that beauty on the stage.

I didn't know why she had such an effect on me, but one thing was for sure. Like me she too couldn't conceal the lust in her eyes the moment our bodies touched.

This one was coming back with me...

This is a full length standalone with no cheating and guaranteed HEA. Includes bonus content for your reading pleasure.