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Matt Boren is the author of books: Folded Notes from High School, Tinaca Jones, Tanica Jones, VMware vSphere PowerCLI Reference: Automating vSphere Administration

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A status-obsessed senior unexpectedly falls for a freshman because of his Danny Zuko audition in their high school's production of Grease in this epistolary novel set in 1991.

It's 1991, and Tara Maureen Murphy is finally on top. A frightening cross between Regina George and Tracy Flick, Tara Maureen Murphy is any high school's worst nightmare, bringing single-minded ambition, narcissism, manipulation, and jealousy to new extremes. She's got a hot jock boyfriend in Christopher Patrick Caparelli, her best friend Stef Campbell by her side, and she's a SENIOR, poised to star as Sandy in South High's production of Grease. Cinching the role is just one teensy step in Tara's plot to get out of her hometown and become the Broadway starlet she was born to be. She's grasping distance from the finish line--graduation and college are right around the corner--but she has to remain vigilant. It gets trickier with the arrival of freshman Matthew Bloom, whose dazzling audition for the role of Danny Zuko turns Tara's world upside down. Freshmen belong in the chorus, not the spotlight! But Tara's outrage is tinged with an unfamiliar emotion, at least to her: adoration. And what starts as a conniving ploy to "mentor" young Matt quickly turns into a romantic obsession that threatens to topple Tara's hard-won status at South High....
Please Note: This content is not for kids. This audio comedy features adult language (hurled especially at one malicious, phony Kelly Smith). Discretion is advised.

In this dramatic comedy, Parks and Recreation and Good Girls star Retta brings humor and strength to her role as the unforgettable Tinaca Jones.

What’s in a name? A lot. The name Tinaca, for example, has been passed down in the Jones family for generations of women. In fact, the Joneses name a Tinaca every other generation, to let the name breathe a little. To let each Tinaca shine. And shine is exactly what Tinaca Jones intends to do.

A grocery cashier by day and household name in the making by night, Tinaca Jones pays her dues, saves her coins, and takes business and marketing classes. She spends every second readying to launch her lifestyle brand for anyone who wants to live like her—that is, intentionally and fabulously. But when a basic blonde with an even more basic name, Kelly Smith, approaches her register and peeps her nametag, Tinaca’s plans come crashing down all around her.

The next thing Tinaca knows, Kelly Smith has launched herself into overnight fame with a pathetic, old-as-time, red-carpet stunt, using the stage name "Tinaca Jones." But Kelly Smith messed with the wrong woman. What follows is Tinaca Jones’s wild and triumphant account of the battle to reclaim her name, told over the course of an epic and hilarious deposition.

©2019 Matt Boren (P)2019 Audible Originals, LLC
Your One-Stop Reference for VMware vSphere AutomationIf you manage vSphere in a Windows environment, automating routine tasks can save you time and increase efficiency. VMware vSphere PowerCLI is a set of pre-built commands based on Windows PowerShell that is designed to help you automate vSphere processes involving virtual machines, datacenters, storage, networks, and more. This detailed guide--using a practical, task-based approach and real-world examples--shows you how to get the most out of PowerCLI's handy cmdlets.

Learn how to:

Automate vCenter Server and ESX/ESX(i) Server deployment and configuration

Create and configure virtual machines and use vApps

Secure, back up, and restore your virtual machines

Monitor, audit, and report the status of your vSphere environment

Use the PowerCLI SDK, PowerWF Studio, and vEcoShell

Schedule and view automation

Add a GUI front end to your scripts