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David Soman and Jacky Davis are a husband-and-wife creative team. They write the New York Times bestselling Ladybug Girl books together and Mr. Soman illustrates. The books are inspired by their own children and family experiences. Jacky Davis has worked in publishing as well as in television. David Soman teaches at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. They live with their children in upstate New York.

Jacky Davis is the author of books: Black Belt Bunny, Ladybug Girl and the Rescue Dogs, Olive & Pekoe: In Four Short Walks, Agent Lion, Bumblebee Boy Loves..., Doodle All Day with Ladybug Girl, Ladybug Girl Loves... Gift Set, Ladybug Girl, Happy Holidays, Ladybug Girl! Gift Set, Supercoccinella!

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Black Belt Bunny is fast and strong and has seriously awesome moves from front-kicks to back-flips to air-chops. Then he's faced with something new, something every bunny must learn, something he might not be as good at: He has to make . . . a salad. Black Belt Bunny tries to escape. He even disguises himself with a fake mustache. But when he finally hops to it, he discovers that his seriously awesome moves come in pretty handy.
Ladybug Girl and her friends help at a dog-adoption fair and discover that even the littlest things can make a big difference in this tenth hardcover in the New York Times bestselling Ladybug Girl series.

Lulu is excited to meet all the rescue dogs when the pet-adoption fair comes to her local farmers' market. She wants to take all of them home--but she already has Bingo, and Mama says one dog is enough for their family. That doesn't mean Lulu can't help, though. It's time for Ladybug Girl and the Bug Squad--her friends Grasshopper Girl and Bumblebee Boy--to step in! The Bug Squad can do all kinds of little but important things, like brush the dogs, play with them, and bring them water and food. And then Lulu comes up with the perfect plan to help the dogs find their forever homes. Her idea is such a success that the Bug Squad knows they'll be back again next week. Together, they can help every dog get adopted.

This beloved series is celebrated for its gentle, authentic, and imaginative exploration of kid-emotions and -truths.
A funny and engaging story about two dogs—one old and tiny and wise; one young and huge and boisterous—told in four short chapters by Jacky Davis, the bestselling author of the Ladybug Girl series.

A perfect choice for emerging readers, fans of Dav Pilkey’s Big Dog and Little Dog, and dog people everywhere!

Olive and Pekoe are best friends. Olive is an older dog who likes to take her time; Pekoe is a bouncy puppy with a nose for exploration. Together they make the perfect team. Pekoe fetches sticks for Olive, and Olive protects Pekoe from bigger, meaner dogs. They go on walks, encounter a chipmunk, and get caught in a rainstorm, among other adventures. Their escapades may be small but are nevertheless filled with excitement and love.

In four short and easy-to-read chapters (or walks), New York Times–bestselling author Jacky Davis explores the nature of friendship in all its humor and drama. Giselle Potter’s lively and engaging watercolors are the perfect match to the story.

Ideal for emerging readers, fans of Kelly DiPucchio’s Gaston, and anyone who loves dogs of all shapes and sizes!

Agent Lion is certain he’ll find Fluffy in no time.

But Fluffy is not in Mr. Wombat’s apartment, and Fluffy is not on the roof.

Agent Lion does not give up. He searches all over the building—even in the Flamingo family’s refrigerator. (It is snack time after all.)

Will Agent Lion ever crack the case?
Pair this sweet board book with Ladybug Girl Loves to create the ideal gift for any young adventurer. Part of the New York Times bestselling Ladybug Girl series, this board book introduces the littlest readers to the adventures and imagination of Bumblebee Boy

Bumblebee Boy is Ladybug Girl's best friend, Sam, and he loves SO many things. He loves driving the Beemobile and jumping high over a whole city. He loves to draw, and he knows he can save the whole world with his superhero skills. Most of all, Bumblebee Boy loves to share a book and a snuggle with his little brother, Owen. Adventure is never more than a blink away for Bumblebee Boy!
Ladybug Girl, Bingo, and the Bug Squad have all kinds of fun, whether it's dressing up, painting, or playing outside. In this 32-page doodle book, Ladybug Girl fans will love using their imaginations and creativity to finish the drawings, color them in, and decorate them with stickers.
Ladybug Girl Loves . . . This delightful gift set, packed with all kinds of fun items that will inspire imaginations and creativity, it is sure to appeal to dedicated Ladybug Girl fans, as well as new ones. The gift set contains mini editions of Ladybug Girl Loves . . . and Ladybug Girl Makes Friends, a banner to color, colorful crayons, stickers, and friendship cards - all for only $16.99.
Happy holidays, Ladybug Girl! This delightful gift set, packed with all kinds of fun holiday items that will inspire imaginations and creativity, is sure to appeal to dedicated Ladybug Girl fans, as well as new ones. The gift set contains mini editions of Ladybug Girl and the Big Snow and Ladybug Girl Dresses Up board books, a banner to color, a glitter marker, stickers, and press-out pieces to assemble